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  1. Mrfish

    Northerns and smallies

    Did a club tourney last weekend up here in Norcal. Colddddd in the morning with snow fog on the water first thing but my 4 year old wanted to go, he held up better than I thought he would. Long runs up the lake in the morning, but there are bigguns to be had. Got big fish for the tourney with...
  2. Mrfish

    Deer and chickens

    Made the trek to Colorado for a 3rd season hunt, and then turned right around when I got back and got the dogs and jr out for some wild roosters.
  3. Mrfish

    Northern Largie

    Caught this little gem during a little club tourney. It was coldddddd
  4. Mrfish

    Enough with the ducks

    110 grain ttsx is money. Found him in some thick junipers and after a couple second Mexican stand off he took it in the neck.
  5. Mrfish

    Tres mas in Nor-cal

    Wild birds have been good to me so far this year. With this lead ban I have been shooting hevi-metal. Expensive but seems to do the job. This was from today's venture.
  6. Mrfish

    Pheasant opener

    3 days, 7 roosters, 2 turkeys, 2 tired dogs. It was a blast. All wild, all public land. Can't wait to get back at them.
  7. Mrfish

    Non-tox pheasant loads

    Any suggestions? I'm trying to find something that will pack a punch now that we can't shoot lead. Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with something that works well.
  8. Mrfish

    Can't wait for a tree hugger to try and pet this guy....
  9. Mrfish

    Black Lab Pups Norcal

    I have 3 male black lab pups left. 7 weeks old as of 11-24-14. AKC, First shots, wormed. Sire is from National Hunt Test Champion Lines. He was certified hips and elbows. Dam is my yellow female. If interested let me know. I can give more info and answer questions. Here are pics of a...
  10. Mrfish

    This should make you guys sick....

    Hunting in the Rut? Posted on August 28, 2014 by California Outdoors | Leave a comment Mule deer in the rut Question: You recently said it’s easier to hunt deer during the rut — where do you get your information? Have you compared the buck kill rates in states that allow deer to be hunted...
  11. Mrfish

    2014 CA pheasant forecast

    This is comical. Now they are blaming the low pheasant numbers in CA on the drought. When will our biologists ever get it...... Forecast:Severe drought continues to plague the state of California and with it, wild pheasant populations, reports Scott Gardner, senior environmental scientist...
  12. Mrfish

    Silly Giants fans, go home, you're drunk

    Go Dodgers!
  13. Mrfish

    Representing Cali!!
  14. Mrfish

    Interesting Grizzly Bear Read
  15. Mrfish

    Snowmobile rider shoots moose

    I want your opinions on this one guys and girls. I have my own, but I want to see what you think. Not sure if it has been posted before. Gotta sign in on youtube cause of the graphic nature.
  16. Mrfish

    Who needs a good laugh????

    We are so boned..... These are the people who get elected to our government and tell us what rights we should have....
  17. Mrfish

    North Dakota Blunder

    I spend the last week up in North Dakota visiting a buddy and TRYING to find pheasant. It was my first trip to the state, but I was hoping it would be better than Cali. I figured I would forego the opener in California due to the dismal pheasant forecast in the sac valley and the accompanying...
  18. Mrfish

    Skinned Dog

    I got the low down from my girlfriend when she got home from work today. One of her friend's 11 week old blue tick hound was shot and skinned last night on their property. Her friends live out in a very rural area. They let the dog out last night to go to the bathroom and he never came back...
  19. Mrfish

    USGS & Banded Birds

    I had two buddy's shoot a banded honker and banded gadwall on the opener in oregon. They called USGS who took the info, but said they would not send them or tell them the info until the government shut down was over. Didn't know if anyone else had the same experience yet, but its something to...
  20. Mrfish

    Murder She Wrote....

    So there I was.......I was driving the girlfriend home from the range the evening of October 4th. She drew an X-Zone tag this year and I bought her a new rifle. So naturally I have to ask a preliminary and mandatory test question for her deer season. "So duck season opens tomorrow, wanna go?"...