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  1. czduckz

    Office Looking Ducky

    Just moved and my new home office is looking rather ducky just in time for duck season! Still waiting on my banded hen gad and bull sprig from last year to come back from my taxidermist to add to the office! Good luck this season fellas! -John
  2. czduckz

    Need a hunting partner for the opener

    "Unsuccessful" 0-2 on draws. If anyone pulled a reservation for the opener at SJ or Wister and wants a hunting partner, please PM me, text me or call my cell 951-795-3033. I have a good dog, decoys, know how to call, and know both refuges pretty well. -John
  3. czduckz

    This one's for you Sprig

    This one's for you Steve. Shot a nice bull Sprig and I thought I would share. Check out the dog on the retrieve!
  4. czduckz

    Los Banos HELP

    Hello Fellow TOFers, I have some buddies that want to try los banos and have never been. They did not draw a ressie, they are just going to be up in that area and want to try and sweat it out. They are not on TOF and asked if I could find out some info for them. I will not be going on the trip...
  5. czduckz

    Quick Limits and Jewelry!

    Had a great morning shoot at SJ with my brother (czbandz) and I got my first banded bird! We ended with 2 greenheads, 1 redhead, 5 Gads (1 banded), 2 wigeon, 1 gw teal, and 4 shovelers. The dog got in some nice work and made some great retrieves!
  6. czduckz

    Icy Eastern Washington Hunt Mixed Bag

    Hunted Eastern Washington last week one day. Was out there for some business and 1 day of hunting. The ice was 3 inches thick and we had to bust out an area with a sledge hammer in the dark early morning to set deeks. It was a first for me and a great experience. I shot a nice mixed bag limit. 1...
  7. czduckz

    Knotty Duck decoy for sale

    I have a brand new Knotty Duck Decoy for sale. Bought 2 and have never used one of them. Its a hen mallard. I paid $135.99 plus tax and shipping. Also have $30 of accessories for it. I have everything you need for it, 2 sets of wings, two piece pole, nuts & bolts, etc. I am selling it all for...
  8. czduckz

    Happy Halloween!

    I figured a few TOFers would appreciate this pumpkin my wife did for me. Especially Hatchet, I know he will love it the most. -CZ
  9. czduckz

    Mixed bag (Surf Scoter) Report and Pics from the opener

    My brother and I hunted off refuge near Wister Saturday and managed to get 10 birds. Tough hunt in the heat, mosquitoes, smart birds. Birds did not want to decoy and most kills were pass shots. Very weird opener. We did get a nice green head and a hen surf scoter (FIRST FOR US) along with a gad...
  10. czduckz

    Report and Pics from my Pacific Northwest Duck Hunt

    So like I said in a previous post, I drew up in Oregon for their opener, but the refuge was closed due to the gov't shutdown. My buddy who lives up there and I went to plan B and it worked out very well for us! I shot a limit on Saturday and 4 more on Sunday (only shot the morning shoot on...
  11. czduckz

    Leaving for Oregon hunt tomorrow

    A few days of business and then hunting up in Oregon Saturday (opener) and Sunday. I drew a refuge up there, but with the gov't shutdown we are going to plan B. Hoping that the area we are hunting is equal to or better than the refuge I drew. Will be my first hunt with my new Benelli Super...
  12. czduckz

    Minn Kota Trolling Motor

    I have a Minn Kota trolling motor for sale. Selling it for $100. Used condition, but It works great. Battery, charger, and battery case included. call John 760-533-3876
  13. czduckz

    SOLD****Remington 870 Camo Synthetic Stock and Fore end $60****SOLD

    Brand new, never even hunted with it once. Anyone interested? Call me at 760-533-3876
  14. czduckz

    Dorado at the boat pic

    Pretty cool pic I got of a bull dorado at the boat the other day offshore SD.
  15. czduckz

    Whacked my first pig this summer

    Got my first pig this summer with my father in law. It was time to venture out from birds and fish. Next on my list is something with a rack...
  16. czduckz

    Benelli Super Vinci

    Broke down and bought a Benelli SV. I shot the SBE and SV over the weekend and the SV felt like a better fit. This is a pic from the dealer (buddy of mine) I bought it from. Got a pretty good deal on it. I went with a 30 inch barrel in hopes to start crushing those ones just out of reach. I'd...
  17. czduckz

    Brother looking for a semi auto duck gun

    He's trying to find a used semi auto duck gun under $750 if anyone wants to sell one or knows where he can find one. Thanks.
  18. czduckz

    Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Cream Cheese Dove Bites!

    Grilled em up yesterday for football Sunday!
  19. czduckz

    Dove Opener pics and rare looking eurasian

    Had a great opener in the valley! My brother and I shot 85, all euros except a few white wing and a few mourning. I'm thinking this is an all white Eurasian, cause it had the collar. Does anyone disagree or think otherwise? Enjoy the pics.
  20. czduckz

    Looking for a used compound bow

    Anyone want to sell me their old one? 30" draw length would be ideal.