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  1. Arrowslinger

    Give me my deer back....

    Had the pleasure of glassing a cut, seeing a doe on high alert looking the other direction as a buck busted out. He ended up just over 200 yards and at the shot, he ran low and down a ravine. I hustled up and looped downhill to see if I could cut him off or see him down. Blood was thin but...
  2. Arrowslinger

    NV Last Chance Buck

    After looking over 30+ bucks and passing on far too many within range, the fourth day had me eager to end the hunt and this guy was in the wrong spot at the right time.
  3. Arrowslinger

    Nevada 194/196 Early Archery

    Any of you wonderful people ever draw this tag? I have questions.
  4. Arrowslinger

    KUIU Ultra 6k & 3K Bag

    Selling two bags, both used with blood stains. $100 and $80 TYD. The 3K had two small holes that I repaired and patched with tenacious tape. Have pics and they're ready for their new home!
  5. Arrowslinger

    Youth Turkey Hunt

    I took my oldest son of 7 out this morning to endure the struggles of public land, the lack of birds, zero gobbles and to walk countless miles wondering why the entire area is void of life. I wanted him to learn failure then one day success. Well, we screwed that up: heard 100+ gobbles by day...
  6. Arrowslinger

    Lake Sonoma

    Anyone hunt or visit Lake Sonoma in the past 6-8 weeks
  7. Arrowslinger

    More BackCountry Good Times!

    I don't see many bucks in CA, so when I do I tend to shoot and shoot quickly. This guy was just about the enter the timber but stopped for one last bite of green. 211 yards straight downhill and I knew he was good, but didn't know he was one of my best high country bucks. Cheers!
  8. Arrowslinger

    Nikon FieldScope Spotter +++SOLD+++

    Selling my Nikon FieldScope spotter. This scope has travelled the West with me and has never left it's soft case except for these pics. The glass is all flawless and there are no marks nor blemishes on the body. This version is roughly 11 years old and is non-ED. 20-60x with 60mm objective...
  9. Arrowslinger

    Youth Bow

    6yo boy, just out grew a Bear Brave (draw length is 2-3" too short), what's a great next bow? Any and all advice, good or bad is welcomed. Now that we're teaching 1st grade at my house, the principal (me) has introduced a strict archery regimen into PE along with pull ups/chin ups and running.
  10. Arrowslinger

    CA Draw Results

    They up yet?
  11. Arrowslinger

    Archery opener

    Any luck? Rumor has it there’s two big bucks dead over in an X Zone. One fell to the pink arrow. Story and pics to come.
  12. Arrowslinger

    Road Hunting 101

    Went back to basics today. Never venture far from the vehicle.
  13. Arrowslinger

    Last weekend!

    Last ditch attempt, who’s joining the other 32,999 yahoos in D3-5 this weekend? Mild season has halted any migration and the deer are still scattered a bit. Though there are some big ones out there still. Anyone?
  14. Arrowslinger

    Dog Training Collar

    A true duckers delight, the Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G2's EXP has taken my dog to the next level. Yeah, I don't have a dog but I did and this collar needs to go. Comes with remote, charger, collar and 3 straps depending on how fat your dog is. Was $319.99 new, make an offer. I'll pay...
  15. Arrowslinger

    CDA Banquet in Roseville

    I hear there's a table of TOF'ers going to this in July. Anyone else going? Ike's buying the 1st round, and second. Who's in?
  16. Arrowslinger

    Copper kills

    "What are you going to do" he says. "Guess I'll shoot the big one". Moments later two hogs were down. One mine and one for Lurediver. We did our best to load mine in the side by side, but we couldn't get it off the ground, so we started cutting. 205# field dressed. No good pics of LD's...
  17. Arrowslinger

    Wolves or Sheppards?

    Please tell me you've heard of the kid who shot two wolves, posted on social media and is now pooping his pants as others pointed out that they're really german sheppards. Can't make this stuff up folks. Elkmagnet on IG.
  18. Arrowslinger


    Asking for a friend of course -hevi-shot work with an extra full turkey choke? I read no, but never believe what I read unless it's on TOF. Thoughts?
  19. Arrowslinger

    Bear pics, lets see 'em!

    The season is quickly approaching and i really like to hunt bears. Post'em up and tell us a little something about 'em. Here's a spring bear from Oregon. 300 yard shot across canyon and this little fella became dinner. Another one from Oregon in spring. 7 hour hike out.
  20. Arrowslinger

    2016 Big Game Draw Results

    This is our one stop shop for who drew what. Post'em when you get'em.