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    Bill to ban bear hunting in CA Guys, Please write your State Senator.
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    11th hour gobbler

    For obvious reasons, fall is my favorite time of year, but turkeys are not easy to hunt this time of year. I have a tried and true location I hunt both spring and fall turkeys, but this year, the birds simply would not leave private land. So, I began exploring a new location, and was able to...
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    First archery sooty grouse

    My first sooty using my bow. The grouse in my area don’t let you get close. This one was at 33 yards. I’m looking forward to a grouse meal soon! Also nailed a very small Mt quail, especially in comparison.
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    2020 Black Bear

    This new meadow I was hunting surprised me. I’ve never really observed bears eating pine nuts, but not only were these bears using this food source, they were fixated on it ( This meadow only contained a handful of pine trees, but each one had tons of bear scat and...
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    Pine nuts are irresistible, apparently

    I was hunting a meadow recently, and could hear the sound of branches breaking down the hill. I hoped to find bears foraging for termites and grubs in downed trees, but had a hard time pinpointing the location. Then I realized the sound was coming from above. I looked up to discover two bears...
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    AB 3030 to cut off 30% of our public lands

    See link below to send a note to your State Senator. This isn't limited to fishing, either. Hunting will also be affected.
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    Bass Hill Wildlife Area Camping?

    Anyone have tips on where to tent camp near the Wildlife Area? My Google search is not turning up much.
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    2019 Archery Bear

    Like last year, it took me 9 days in the woods to get a bear, and just like last year, I got lucky on September 1. But in past years, I’ve hunted at 6,500’ elevation in the Sierras. This year, I focused on 3,500’ instead. I prefer the higher elevations because it’s cooler and prettier (with more...
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    It’s turkey time!

    Today made for some tough hunting because of all the wind, but after 9 hours in the field, I finally bagged this lovesick two-year old. My season is now over, so it’s time to eat turkey! Pictured is turkey Parmesan.
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    Bear Life Cycle in Pictures

    I posted this on the "other" site, but didn't want to deprive you all of this highly educational opportunity: Bears start life as cute little cubs Then, bears venture out on their own Then, bears like to swim in the mud Then, bears get big and fat Then, bears forget they are...
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    Bear #2!

    No, I didn't harvest a second bear. Most of you know that I already punched my bear tag during archery season (posted on this forum), but I had such a close encounter with another bear, that I'm considering it my second bear of the year (and I got video!). I hunted a new area last night (for...
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    Sooty grouse for dinner

    I lucked out today with a sooty grouse double. I was after mountain quail, but found these two in a small covey in a ravine. It’s been a while since I harvested grouse, so this was a pleasant surprise. I also thought the contents of their crop was interesting. I had previously thought they only...
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    2018 Archery Bear

    Today was my ninth day out in the woods in search of bears. I’ve come across a number of bears during that time. One small bear crossed the trail in front of me at 8 yards when I was hiking to my destination. That blew my mind. Another was walking toward me on a logging road. We saw each other...
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    If only we had a spring season

    I went on a hike where I took my bear this past fall. Lots of activity, and some big bruins are out and about. I’m fairly certain this bed was occupied as I approached. Never saw him , but I was in his living room.
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    Getting excited for the fall!

    I could almost do the turkey trot!
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    Opening Day Luck

    I scouted hard for the opener today, but despite my best efforts, all I initially called in were two hens, who would not stop alarm putting as they circled me. There were multiple Toms in the distance, but they would not approach me because of the racket the hens were making. So, after a couple...
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    D3-5 Bear Down!

    I’ve never really liked still-hunting the forest, because it’s nearly impossible to walk the timber without making a racket. But this season, I grew tired of sitting in one of my many ground or tree stands without finding this year’s bear. It was my 8th day of hunting, and my previous week’s...
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    First Mtn Quail of the Season

    Took a day trip with the bow, hoping for big game, but it's a good thing I brought field tips. Somehow my arrow found its intended target. No meat wasted with a neck shot. I chased sooty grouse for awhile, too. They're getting smart. Never got closer than 40 yards, and couldn't get a shot. Next...
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    need venison jerky recipe

    If anyone has good venison jerky recipes, please post 'em. I'm itching to make a bunch in the smoker, and would like to try something. Thx in advance.
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    Can't wait until bear season

    I've seen these same bears over the years (both on trail cams and in the flesh). Note the time stamps. The big boar and smaller blonde from May 10 were almost certainly mating. Also note the final bear pic from May 29, which was only an hour prior to me checking the camera. I love bear...