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    Got this back today.
  2. nicapopolis

    I hate TV...

    ... So we watch rutting bucks out of the living room window. I couldn't even get the boys to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning. Somehow this was more interesting.... whatever.
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    Sac Bee article on Mtn Lions in CA

    Interesting read...
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    Another Mammal!!?

    Gosh, when does duck season start? This animal died 3 miles from the house, I should have rode my beach cruiser...
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    CA Poacher busted in CO He is a So Cal guy. Anyone know him?
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    CO Elk Backdoor...

    ... is up. I knew I would get the tag, but it is always good to see the 500 code.
  7. nicapopolis

    Slob TV Show Hunters Busted Poaching in Wyoming. It looks like Wyoming hit them pretty good with the fines and suspension.
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    Anza Lion Attack

    When I saw a Mt Lion attack headline in Yahoo I just felt that it had to be in CA.... I was right.
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    Havalon Only?

    Are you guys using your Havalon only out in the field? I haven't used one of these yet, but I now have one. I have a cow elk hunt next week and assuming I am successful I am debating on bringing other knives. This knife is sharp enough that it seems it will do it all from start to finish...
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    Foggy Morning Elk

    So I am just figuring out this elk thing... Actually I haven't figured anything out yet. Hunting cows for the first time later this year. Saw this group last night. Came back this morning with the equipment. 1000 yards away through the cheap Barska spotter and the Phoneskope. They look pretty...
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    SOLD***Ranger RT 188 Bass/Duck Boat***SOLD

    2014 Ranger RT 188 - Camo - Bass/Duck Boat - $19,900 I bought this boat brand new in 2014 from Anglers Marine in Anaheim, CA. I ordered this boat from Ranger to my specs. I love this boat. With 2 children under 2 years old at home I am just not going to have the time for it for a few years...
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    Large Mammal

    This is the largest buck i have seen on the hoof. I am bummed the pic is so bad. He had a lot of trash coming off those antlers too. I need to get a cheap digital SLR with a telephoto lens for situations like this.
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    One for Crimson Crusher

    I finally got around to making the frame for my deadmount. I won the red heads print at a DU event about a month or so ago. These were done by living design taxidermy in Costa Mesa. I figured Redhead Fred would like these.
  14. nicapopolis

    Great Wister Decoy Cart!

    Buyer to arrange shipping from India, but it should hold a bunch of decoys. Might be able to hire the sherpa as well.
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    Archery Tag - Anyone seen this?

    Have any of you guys seen this? Better yet, played it? It looks fun. I worry about safety though. In the event one of the foam tips come off, the arrow shafts could kill someone.
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    Unsecured Property Tax on Boat

    So yesterday I get a bill from the Orange County Tax Assessor... for unsecured property tax on my boat! I have never got one of these for previous boats and jet skis I have owned. All were ysed, never purchased through a dealer. Am I just getting this because I purchased the boat last year? I...
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    Beach Cities DU Banquet 7/30

    Any TOFers going to the beach cities DU banquet on 7/30? I just got the flyer in the mail. At the Mile Square golf course in fountain valley. Down the street from my house so it works for me.
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    Rust On Trucks!

    Okay Wister dudes.... The rust under my truck is bad! My mechanic just let me know I should get a handle on it. It did not get back from Wister, but I know you guys deal with rust on your trucks there. My mechanic recommended using PB Blaster on the bottom to kill the rust, then pressure...
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    Ricky Gervais Sucks

    See the article below. He makes some comments hinting that he is not against hunting for food, but I highly doubt it. Although I am not the Africa trophy hunting type, he is way off base with his stupid comments. Steven Rinella or Joe Rogan should talk to him. These liberal Euros can leave...
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    Crappie for Boomer

    I don't know crap about crappie fishing, but I learned a little about them yesterday. I think I may target them some in the summer. It was fun. Since we were targeting bass in the same spot only a big crappie came out today. We fished lake nunya today and ended with about 20 bass, 2 trout, and...