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    Where did everyone go?

    I think it’s actually option 4. I know quite a few people who stopped posting because they would get hammered for it. I personally received messages from people on here. They would be upset because wister would be empty. Birds would show, people have good hunts and post pics. Next hunt day...
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    Great draw. Not the best time of year but still should be a good hunt. Blind counts should be posted at check station. Free Roam has plenty of room. Their hunter quota per unit leaves plenty of room to find a spot
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    The end of an era

    I started posting on this site a long time ago. Not many people left here from when I started but some of you have seen my son grow up so I thought I would share. I started taking josh hunting when he was 4. First hunt I took him on was at Wister. I still remember it. We took 115A-1. Not a hot...
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    Final week where will you be

    Kern Saturday, Mendota Sunday
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    Lots of grey ducks this year...

    Great pictures. Keep it up
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    Wister deathly this

    Wister shot a 1.3 Saturday and a .6 on Sunday??? That’s including Coots. Worst December counts I have ever seen there. Sad
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    Wister deathly this

    First Sunday in July
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    First day of vacation....

    Nice looking area
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    Wister deathly this

    Boy am I glad I didn’t draw a card this weekend. Slow hunting and sloppy wister roads. No thank u
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    Wister rain

    Hopefully they had some of the goose fields planted. Free irrigation courtesy of Mother Nature
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    10/20 Reservation are up.

    Good to have family who can pull cards. Have I told you lately how your the best dad ever!
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    CWA Fed Stamp - How long?

    Just got mine yesterday. Took almost a month I think
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    Father Son Double

    That’s awesome. Great play by play
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    Life goal complete

    That’s a memory that will last a lifetime. Congrats
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    I cannot believe... I couldn’t pass this opportunity up! Lol
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    I cannot believe...

    Man Dylan that’s an impressive post. You are one determined SOB. Good for you. You obviously have a great supporting cast. Stick with them. I wish you the best as you continue on the road of recovery
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    Season recap

    I was waiting for people to start posting their season recap photos. Looks like you had a great year!
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    17/18 Waterfowl Season

    That second picture is screen saver quality
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    Why was it so bad?

    Weather is a major factor when it comes to pushing the birds down in numbers. Some birds will come down regardless. Habitat will keep them using the refuge longer. IMO the sea is the biggest factor. When I was a kid Hunting wister I couldn’t tell you all the times birds would loaf on the sea and...
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    Final Weekend, where will you be?

    Los Banos Saturday. Mendota Sunday