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  1. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Sitka Gear 3XL shirts

    Interested... Would like to see if they fit
  2. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Good luck
  3. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Good luck
  4. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Will there be a TOF charter this year??
  5. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Need to freshen up the gear

    Phenix rod either abyss or axis n pair a avet or shimano reel... Boom your done
  6. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Jr hunt behind the scenes

    That ford is practically in the pond ..smh lol...Glad u salvaged the hunt and the boys got theirs..
  7. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Extended season snow goose hunt

    Nicely done!!!
  8. SoCalWaterfowler909

    All Drakes

    Nice strap...
  9. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Junior Hunt

    Good day.... They shoot plenty..
  10. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Have Resi.

    Tres amigos trust Calisnow...Good luck today...
  11. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Its slowing down at colonet.. Too much boat traffic
  12. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Went a little north today...

    Chris has amazing dogs..
  13. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Lets go...
  14. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Weather was awesome...mid 80s.. Sunny too.... Calm seas
  15. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Free Shitt....

    Sorry lol
  16. SoCalWaterfowler909

    Free Shitt....

    Wiggie funny u say that about baby wipes... It was wipes n TP... So ill give them that ... They are clean atleast...
  17. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Pixs or it never happened Matt... Geez he is getting bigger..
  18. SoCalWaterfowler909


    Id be interested in it too