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  1. smallblockfuelie

    Want to see where your tax money goes in LA?

    To pay this woman to take a nap! I arrived at a Carl's Jr near the LA airport this morning at about a quarter to 6 to get some breakfast and await my wife's incoming flight. I got my breakfast and drove to the back of the lot where I was going to chow down and give my daughter her meal when I...
  2. smallblockfuelie

    What ever happened to real "parents" ??

    I made my annual trip to the local mall over the weekend. I go to the JC Penney's there in the mall to the Big and Tall section to buy my socks. I had picked up my new socks and a cool new John Deere t-shirt before wandering over to get in line to await my turn to check out. While I was...
  3. smallblockfuelie

    Picked up my 6x47 !!

    Yesterday I made the trip down to 29 Palms, CA, to pick up my first custom rifle that I had built by Scott Edwards at RSE Custom Guns. This project was built in the wildcat round of the 6x47 on a left hand mini Mauser action. It was to include a custom laminated thumbhole stock and a 23 inch...
  4. smallblockfuelie

    Jim Zumbo's article supporting gun control !!!!!

    I just got done reading what I believe is the biggest mistake any Hunting writer could possibly make. Have you ever read Hunting with Zumbo in Outdoor Life Magazine. Here is the Article: Zumbo article Read his article for your self and form your own opinion. I have e-mailed his sponsors and...
  5. smallblockfuelie

    My brothers TX hunt video

    Here's a short clip of my brothers TX hunt with me in December. We were near Midland TX and he was shooting a 204.
  6. smallblockfuelie

    Mike's day time bobcat video

    Mike sent me a video he has of a bobcat that he saw during the day time out with his family so I could try and cut the file size down enough that it could be posted to the web. I've got two different versions of this video that started at 130 MB ... one's down to just over 19 MB and the lower...
  7. smallblockfuelie

    Stalk that cat !!

    I stalked and shot my first bobcat last night while night hunting here in CA. It was awesome! I was hunting with Soreloser and Jephs422 this weekend. On our first stand of the evening Jeph was on light duty and Tim and I were on rifles standing next to the truck. We'd only been there a few...
  8. smallblockfuelie

    Want to night hunt from a chair in TX with Randy Watson?

    I went and hunted with Randy Watson in Febrary and had such a good time I just had to go again. We booked for 4 guys this trip and three nights of hunting. Well, we've had one of the 4 back out and we need to fill his spot. One guy will be flying into Midland from MO, so it would just be...
  9. smallblockfuelie

    Dog Day at 29 Palms

    Jeph and I left pretty early this morning to head out for a little predator hunting with Tim. We made a pit stop by where BBJ works to drop off his bobcat skull and do a little good natured BS'ing. We had a mounting dew with BBJ and then headed off towards Yucca Valley. After meeting up with Tim...
  10. smallblockfuelie

    BBJ's finished bobcat skull

    I finished up the bobcat skull today and took some pictures. The single skull is Jason's. In the pictures with two the smaller adult female skull is mine from TX this last February. Turned out pretty good!!
  11. smallblockfuelie

    Need a pelt tanned ... where to get it done?

    The guy that I was hunting with on Sunday shot his first bobcat and wants to have the pelt tanned. it has been skinned, now where do we send it? Thanks!!
  12. smallblockfuelie

    Curiosity DID kill the cat!

    I went out for bobcat opener here in CA in time to do a little night hunting before the sun came up. We had made several stands during the night that were uneventful so I decided to head to an area where Ive had good luck on past hunts. I was on a gun along with Jason while Jeph ran the light...
  13. smallblockfuelie

    Gotta love the US Postal Service

    So my brother calls me last night and wanted to know if I had recently sent him a package. I tell him I sure had and asked why. Well, it turns out his rural mail carrier had decided not to deliver the cleaaning rod I'd sent him to his house. Instead, she put his package in the trash cans that...
  14. smallblockfuelie

    Bobcat season opens THIS Sunday!

    Who all is going out? I am, and must say that I am pretty excited! :banana-man-yeah:
  15. smallblockfuelie

    Good weekend

    As you may have already read, I met up with Soreloser on Saturday to do a little hunting. (He posted a few pictures HERE) I got to our meeting place a little early so I could spend a little time behind the trigger on the 17 Remington. After Tim showed up we decided to make a few day stands...
  16. smallblockfuelie

    Time for night hunting!

    Temperatures are really starting to drop out in the deserts and are making great conditons for hunting at night. Just as a reminder, you can not swing a light in any zone where there is an active deer season underway. And as an added bonus, the new moon is this weekend! :thumbs-up-ani:
  17. smallblockfuelie

    Detroit Zoo Supports Michigan Anti-Dove Hunting Initiative

    (Detroit) - In a blatant attack on Michigans hunters and hunting heritage, the Detroit Zoo, an agency of the city of Detroit, is assisting the Michigan Humane Society by allowing them to hold a fund raiser at the zoo for the campaign to ban dove hunting in Michigan. The event is scheduled...
  18. smallblockfuelie

    A little jack rabbit blasting !!

    I got a little video footage of my hunting buddy working over a couple of jack rabbits with his 22-250
  19. smallblockfuelie

    Recipes feature is back online !!

    As of a little while ago the Recipes feature is back up and running. You can get to it from the link in the upper right corner, or with this LINK. :smiley-rock-on:
  20. smallblockfuelie

    My bobcat mount arrived

    Well my bobcat mount finally arrived. Only problem is he sent the WRONG base. :smiley-clappin-yellow: It is supposed to be sitting on a rock base that will put the hind legs much higher than the front so you can see the spots on this girls back. The base that he sent is horizontal...