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    HR 6006/S. 3348: Republicans Conspiring With Democrats To Institute Searchable, National Electronic Gun Registry

    Take Action: What would H.R. 6006/S. 3348 do? Makes information you enter on ATF Form 4473 searchable via computer Does an...
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    HR 5717 is 2020's Gunpocalypse

    HR 5717 would: Mandate a license to buy guns Create a nationwide gun registry Ban almost all semiautomatic rifles Institute a federal Magazine Ban Implement national "Red Flag" gun confiscation Tax guns at 30% and ammo at 50% Ban patriots under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment rights...
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    CA Bills Destructive to Hunting

    several bills have been identified that, if passed, would be very destructive to hunting - including the following: AB 2429 (Irwin) Hunting and fishing guides would impose several new licensing requirements on hunting guides – Oppose AB 3058 (Chu) Firearms: vehicle storage would impose...