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  1. 7DUX

    I'm interested in taking up hunting again after many years but...

    Where you live plays a big factor. Your other post says WY? Good for you if that's the case, 55% of the state is public land.
  2. 7DUX

    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    If you're a big enough a craft beer fan to Uber down I would skip Stone and go to the Vista area, North County's brew hub. Stone is now a tourist destination that's packed all time. The tasting area is just a crowded bar in the restaurant.
  3. 7DUX

    Temecula trip. - Fly into ONT or SAN

    There are about in Temecula now (not all on RC RD) and will probably double soon.
  4. 7DUX

    late season dove hunting el centro iv

    Whitewings are long gone. Plenty of mourning doves but they are more concentrated.
  5. 7DUX

    Wister area road closures?

    Last few years it was 2 weeks prior to the opener.
  6. 7DUX

    Colorado River...

    10HP won't even launch your partner out of the boat when you hit a sandbar in the dark.
  7. 7DUX

    Who's up for a hunt?

    I've had them or something very similar swim through a few times over the years.
  8. 7DUX

    The end of an era

    Great pics! I remember making a similar post years ago and feeling a little emotional. Not that we won't be hunting with our kids anymore but paying for adult licences, stamps and area permits sucks LOL.
  9. 7DUX

    Turners in Sacramento

    They're mostly a gun store and CA leads the nation in gun sales every year no matter how hard they make buying them.
  10. 7DUX

    Bandtailed Pigeon Hunting

    I just got an Icon Pro 3200 when they were sale, the squab shelf is gonna pay for itself.
  11. 7DUX

    Great Morning in the Blind

    Great hunt! Are you with the group that's usually across the 111? I think I saw them on English a week or so ago in a different spot.
  12. 7DUX

    Is this the new future for Waterfowl in So. Cal?

    From my perspective it's just a simple hunters/per acre matter. Add to that the element that is at SJ and you get a debacle. That being said I wish that SJ shooters stay at SJ also Definitely when it's a free roam or AP situation, not sure it matters if you have to be together at your...
  13. 7DUX

    Is this the new future for Waterfowl in So. Cal?

    Wister would shoot better overall without Sunday hunts too but I would hate to see that change.
  14. 7DUX

    Is this the new future for Waterfowl in So. Cal?

    If people overestimate the ability of their ammo and themselves with the shells they're shooting now, they will continue to do so after being handicapped. #2 steel goes the same distance from any length shell. Half day hunting would definitely help SJ or any refuge or club but at the expense of...
  15. 7DUX

    Is this the new future for Waterfowl in So. Cal?

    I completely disagree. I think there is room for at least another dozen blinds and the # of people in the party should be entirely up to the card holder. Anything to keep SJ hunters at SJ lol.
  16. 7DUX

    Is this the new future for Waterfowl in So. Cal?

    You're not the first one to say this but since I don't hunt there help me understand? I hunt a lot by myself, and also with 1 to 3 other friends. The distance of the birds we shoot doesn't change. If people skybust does it matter if it's a 12 shot volley or only 6?
  17. 7DUX

    Las Vegas ducking

    I think you could drive to northern NV or UT for a weekend and find better hunting.
  18. 7DUX

    Las Vegas ducking

    Check out Overton WMA. Never hunted there but it may be the closest option.
  19. 7DUX

    Smoked Duck?

    I don't own a pellet grill but I'd be doing it if I did based on the breasts I've had at duck camp. They were still med rare, not the all day thoroughly smoked deal.
  20. 7DUX

    Monterey County anyone?

    My daughter needs to move to do her student teaching in Greenfield,CA. Anyone live in the area? Are there any areas of Greenfield, Soledad or King City that are safer or places to avoid?