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  1. bmax

    so i have a bit of a CA dilemma...

    so i'm sitting on 11 points for all species in CA and i'm no longer a resident. the only reason i'd consider staying in the game would be for tule elk, but the chance of getting drawn this century looks dismal. at the current cost for license and application fee and considering point creep or...
  2. bmax

    Game processing?

    looking to purchase a meat grinder (i have cabela's club points saved). i've been eyeing the "carnivore commercial grade" but i'm curious what hp motor to go with? if you could do it all over again what would you purchase? any other helpful tips would be appreciated. thanks in advance. R/Bryan
  3. bmax

    I have some 30cal copper I won't be needing.

    I'm leaving California and I have 30cal 168grn nosler etip that I won't be needing anymore (NIB). I'm in upland area for about another month. PM me if you're interested
  4. bmax

    IDAHO compliant ML???

    hey all, I have no experience with ML so I thought I'd throw this question out here. My FIL lives in Idaho and was considering purchasing a ML. He is unable to hunt with archery tackle due to a medical condition but would like to capitalize on some of the tags allotted. From what I've read in...
  5. bmax

    with this weather HOOPING should be epic
  6. bmax

    better late then never... right?

    so sometime in mid-december my string broke on my compound... suck deal right. i don't have time as it is with work, kids, ya-da ya-duh... you know the story. i was given two recurves from a really cool guy on another site about 5 years back and i enjoy "plinking with them" out to about 30. i...
  7. bmax

    i've got some COMPETITION!!!

    haven't been seeing as many deer in a particular canyon... think i found out why.            
  8. bmax


    what's up with this???        
  9. bmax

    youth opportunity?

    my dad and i have been trying to spark the fire and get my nephew into hunting (10yo). so turkey hunting came up this morning after church and my nephew said he'd smoke a turkey! that's all i needed to hear... i'm probably a little late on the draw so to speak... but i was wondering what youth...
  10. bmax

    CBH min requirements???

    i looked online and did numerous searches but couldn't find minimum requirements for CBH. anyone with a link, or scores of the top of their head? primarily interested in pacific hybrid, but the list would be nice. thanks in advance. bryan
  11. bmax

    caddis navigator IV float tube

    taken very good care of, excellent condition. shoot me a PM if interested. local pick-up $75
  12. bmax

    at the buzzer....

    i've been up since 0330... forgot camera at home so tailgate pic will have to do.
  13. bmax

    Tarp question

    I'm looking at getting a tarp and as of now i'm sold on the 9'x9' kelty noah's tarp. I wanted to see what other folks were using or any suggestions. thanks, bryan
  14. bmax

    HELP....marie claire???

    anyone know what ch to hail darrell on?
  15. bmax

    narrowing down options for spotting scope...

    I'm looking at purchasing a spotting scope in the near future and wanted to ask for pro's/con's and just general opinions. I've narrowed my field down to Nikon EDIII fieldscope 60mm 20X-60X and Nikon ED50 15X30. The application would primarily be for backpack hunting high country mule deer. So...
  16. bmax

    FS- honker decoys

    1.5 doz flambeau shells... great condition, downsizing the spread. $50
  17. bmax


    hey all, my uncle wants to do a combo halibut and salmon trip to alaska but doesn't know where to start. i told him i'd ask on the net and pass along the information to him. does anyone know or has fished with a reputable guide/outfitter that they'd recommend. what time duration would you...
  18. bmax


    hey joe, i dropped you a pm. give me a ring when you get a chance or shoot a pm back. thanks, bryan
  19. bmax


    made a mad dash for the norcal coast over the weekend... friday afternoon to sunday night= 1100 miles. did some freediving and got some abs. saw some toad lings holding up in holes and a seriously chubby cab (left the pole spear in the truck... oh, well). water was 48f with 5-10ft visibility and...
  20. bmax

    suggestions for trailer camping eastern sierra

    a friend asked me for advice on a place to trailer camp in the eastern sierra with hook-up's... my family has always been tent campers so i don't know, never really paid attention. anyone know of a campground with electrical and can accomidate a 30' trailor preferably (but not necessarily) near...