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    The end of an era

    I started posting on this site a long time ago. Not many people left here from when I started but some of you have seen my son grow up so I thought I would share. I started taking josh hunting when he was 4. First hunt I took him on was at Wister. I still remember it. We took 115A-1. Not a hot...
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    Opener 2017

    My son, my friend and I hunted the grasslands. Had a hunt to remember with mallards and woodies being the prevalent birds. Ended with 3 man limit of 8 mallards, 4 wood ducks, 1 pin, 3 spoonies and 4 ringie dingies. A hunt to remember
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    Speaking of flooding

    Any updates on Mystic? More big rain is coming
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    New Supreme Court judge

    Rumor is he is an outdoorsman. Hunts and fishes! Atta boy Trump!
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    Christmas break with my boy

    Had a great few weeks at duck camp. Had some great hunts with my son and friends. More importantly had great time and memories as I did with my dad growing up. I learned that my pups abilities never ceases to amaze me. My 15 yr son is no doubt a better shot then me. Ask anybody who has hunted...
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    Anyone looking for a career change?

    Saw this posted on CWA site. Steve? Rod?
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    Duckers aren't the only ones

    Saw this and thought my buddy Harchet would enjoy it
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    Duckers aren't the only ones

    Where's my buddy hatchet?
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    Quick trip up north

    Went up north to Lincoln Ca to visit my dad in retirement on his sheep farm. Friday as my son and I were helping with chores I noticed several flights of honkers fly over my dads pastures. He told me that was a daily occurrence. At that point the wheels in my head were spinning big time...
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    Coming to a duck camp near you!

    Bought a new ice chest this off season which brought my total up to 4. I have no idea why I have 4 ice chests. None of them are a Yeti. Took the oldest one and started a Jockey Box project. Not completely done yet but almost. Gonna try it out at my step sons 5yr old birthday party next weekend...
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    Annual family trip

    So once a season my once girlfriend, then fiancée and my now wife would accompany me on a hunting trip. My 4yr old step son was joining us for his first time out in the field. The entire objective was to make this trip enjoyable for them. You know the saying, "Happy wife. Happy life." I think...
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    11/25 is up

    Nada here. Good luck
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    Wister is on the map! Lol

    Just received an email from DU with a list of 20 public hunting hotspots across the nation. Our beloved Wister made the list. If I knew how to post links to the article I would.
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    10/24 is Up!!!

    Swing and a miss for me. But Josh connects for a single. About time having kids starts to pay off. Good luck to all
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    Trying to get excited

    Usually around dove season every year I get the itch real bad. This year has been no different. Going through the mental game plan and prepping equip ( waders, decoys, calls ,dog , wife :smiley-ugly-lol-bashing-sign: , etc etc). Then I look at the weather predictions. Were a little more then 2...
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    Breeding my lab?

    To be honest if I have the male im not even sure if the proper terminology is called breeding or looking to pimp out or stud or what. I bought my first hunting dog in 2011. A male black lab from a breeder in Riverside ( Rockypoint retrievers). To be honest don't know a bunch about his blood...
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    Xmas break with the boys

    A buddy (Yellardog2) and I headed out with our sons (Josh&Chase) this weekend to get them out of the house and away from the women. Didn't have a ressie and last weekend was slow so we had high hopes but low expectations. Just wanted some quality father and son time at duck camp. Didn't take...
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    Where did all the Wigeon go? The birds I did get all had a good layer of fat on them. That tells me there is plenty of food at Wister and that the birds have been here a while. We need some new dumb birds. Left for duck camp with my uncle on Tuesday in the pouring rain. When we arrived to camp...
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    This weekend we crossed off first goose from Josh's to do list. He's at the point now where he is just missing a few species of birds we get here in Cali. For 13yrs old he has done a lot. Birds seemed to learn the program really quick as hunting was much slower today then last Wednesday and...
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    12/03 is up

    I finally got drawn. Not a great draw but I will take it