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  1. hank4elk

    GOP sell off of OUR PUBLIC LANDS?

    So I noticed not much jabber on here about #7 on the GOP platform & what started yesterday. You folks do know that is the one regarding the sale & or transfer to states of Our Public Lands. You know,the ones we hunt, fish and f...rolic on. I'm pretty much a "From My Cold Dead Hands" guy & that...
  2. hank4elk

    And the Elk Gods smiled on me...

    Xmas eve at my place. Pattern,Position,Patience and coffee @ 4am. Guess where they might be at 1st light,in the open,where to set up & know that's it,can't move and will the odd wind direction keep up as it gets light & it's 14 deg on frozen ground & old snow....sit down next to one of the few...
  3. hank4elk

    NM muley

    Been recuperating since my Mar.heart attack and not up to snuff still. But gave it what I could. I went and filled my tag with 1st legal buck I saw. 8:20 AM,opening morning. 2 1/2 miles from camp. BLM & state lands near me. Dink 4x4,but good meat buck.looking back towards campcrabclawback in...
  4. hank4elk

    RIP Rockford

    I am truly sad this morn ,a friend died yesterday. James Garner @ 86. I only met him twice and he was just a nice guy. R I P Jimmy!
  5. hank4elk


    I went to check the mail in town today,had a package. The whole DVD collection of On Your Own Adventures,seasons 1-3 + 1, 4hrs each. Plus 2 other dvds of Fresh Tracks. Randy Newberg sent them. A buddy had given him my name and info after he seen some posts I had done on HT. New there. He said...
  6. hank4elk


    I got these guys for the last couple days here at home. Cool,their coming back.
  7. hank4elk

    Dodged a bullet....

    I thought I had a popped rib from work and it came back laughing(along with) at the post on hernias last Sat. I had a heart attack. 4am It felt like pulled muscle after a cough....then the pain and panic breathing....grabbed my old EMT 1st aid bag took 2 aspirin and headed to...
  8. hank4elk

    Start the Rumor!

    If we could just convince the Chinese that Jihadists balls were an aphrodisiac, they would be extinct in 10 yrs!
  9. hank4elk

    Winter so far?

    As I'm watching another snow storm fall, this one heavy,I'm curious if others have gotten what they expected so far this winter? We've had several good storms so far that all melted in good with the warm weather the last week. I had 8" on ground 3 days ago that was gone heading into the ranch...
  10. hank4elk

    It wouldn't be the Holidays....

    It wouldn't be the Holidays without a Turkey a Fruitcake and some mixed nuts....... ......but enough with the relatives.
  11. hank4elk

    Telling a woman...

    Telling a woman to calm down,during a heated discussion, is about as effective as ......... Baptizing a cat. ....Any others?
  12. hank4elk

    Cow maybe,possible...

    Just got back from my latest unfilled tag muley hunt ....but not done yet! Checked the game cam at my well and viola....elk.
  13. hank4elk

    Rattler Season

    I don't usually kill them let alone see that many were I am in NM, but when they appear as your reaching for the water next to the chair you had been in 5 min. before and they get aggressive when you move them,it's no-brainer. This is a Mojave Green, 34" ,8 rattles and button. Supposedly...
  14. hank4elk

    NM Draw?

    Deadline is March 19th,5PM Who's in? I am for elk & deer.
  15. hank4elk

    Cow down...

    Second morning hunt on a big herd of elk that has been spending the night in town,paid off. One of our co-op ranches is just out of town and leads to the bedding areas and another of our ranches. Yesterday morning they had moved into the open flats early and only had a 400 yrd chance at a cow...
  16. hank4elk

    Monsoons in NM!!

    Thunder,Lightning and RAIN....finally some relief.  Only a few tenths the last few afternoons, but today it started early and I have actual wet ground now. Nice and cool and Loud!   Going to be green again as Paul said the other day. 
  17. hank4elk

    Funny for the day!

    friend sent me a news e-mail,can't post it, pc idiot......     A professor Higgins of Sydney U. Med school was lecturing about involuntary muscle contractions,and couldn't quite get his point across. So he pointed to a young woman in front row and asked,"Do you know what your a$$hole is doing...
  18. hank4elk

    PETA to fly drones to harrass hunters

    Buddy just sent me a link to US News and World Report that PETA is trying to get Drones and have them licensed to fly and will use them  harrass hunters and game to stop hunts.  Here is US not just Africa. Sorry,I'm a PC dummy and can't get link to here.
  19. hank4elk

    NM 2013

    So who's in ? Besides the usual suspects here in NM...
  20. hank4elk

    Corned Elk?

    I was looking to see if anyone had a pickling recipe for corned beef. I was thinking of making some corned elk with the next brisket I get I know I can find it online,but any thoughts from the TOF gallery?