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  1. socalcowboy

    Just putting it out there - looking for English Springer

    My father lost his best friend a few years back and he's been looking for another English Springer. We have had 2 in the years past and he just loves that breed and companionship, however he is 73 and not looking for a pup. Maybe a retired hunting springer or one that someone has to give up...
  2. socalcowboy

    No Bobcat hunting after Dec 31, 2019

    I know the bobcat tags are not expensive - but this is BS it should be mandatory to return 50% of tag fees back to the people who purchased them.... Wonder if I can contact my Credit Card company to get a refund on goods and services never received...
  3. socalcowboy

    South of 8 - The Trump Wall

    Hummm, so how is the Trump Wall Going to affect the wild pheasant? Many illegal wild pheasant fly across the boarder everyday.... Between the Wall and the Solar panels we might as well say the pheasant hunting south of 8 will be gone... Just food for thought.
  4. socalcowboy

    California bans fur trapping for recreation, commerce

    Well, just another notch in our heritage tree -
  5. socalcowboy

    Bass Fishing -

    My friend took these pics... Had to share I seen the Osprey's with trout but not with a bass .. and a big bass..
  6. socalcowboy

    secure site

    Question: Are you going to secure this site so we will be using Reason I am asking is be on http the clear text. People can obtain usernames and passwords. And if our users are using email address or username and passwords - the same for other accounts they...
  7. socalcowboy

    AB-3 - So does this mean my son cant hunt anymore?

    So if I am reading this correctly my son who is going to be 16 years old, will not be able to hunt on his own. Or if he does he can be fined and or arrested? He wouldnt be able to buy ammo for a hunting trip especially if I was not with him. UGHHHH -- this is such BS...
  8. socalcowboy

    Retrieving Bird in water

    Ok - been thinking about this and wonder what others do..... So I have been in IV several times and walking the canal I jump a duck or 2.. Never shooting one because of the fear of it dropping in the canal and not being able to get it unless I swim the canal. I dont have a dog - YET.... So...
  9. socalcowboy

    Just putting it out there " She Shot My Buck"
  10. socalcowboy

    Hog Hunting and ISIS fighting.. Combo..
  11. socalcowboy

    The Understanding Deer

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  12. socalcowboy

    Fall Turkey - soon - start with a song

    Turkey Bird...
  13. socalcowboy

    Free Wild Game Recipe E-Book

    Just wanted to share this if interested
  14. socalcowboy

    VETO Gunmageddon - Not enought votes...

    Reported on Turners - Facebook page Patriots, It is with disappointment that I must now report to you it appears we will not obtain the minimum signatures required to get these referenda on the ballot. We had six short weeks to get so many signatures and we all know what an improbable job it...
  15. socalcowboy

    FREE - Topo Maps

    National Geographic FREE Topo maps - National Geographic has built an easy to use web interface that allows anyone to quickly find any 7.5 minute topo in the continental U.S.A. for downloading and printing. Each topo has been pre-processed to...
  16. socalcowboy

    Couple first - this past two weeks (Yellowfin and Yellowtail) next bluefin

    Last week - Mission Belle 3/4 - Yellowtail blowout - boat limited. Got my first time limit of Yellowtail #31 Yesterday - Liberty 3/4 - First Yellowfin Tuna - caught 3 on iron's 2 on the drop 1 on the the retrieve. And Deckhand saved one from the 5' blue shark...
  17. socalcowboy

    San Diego Pigs

    Maybe they didnt get all the pigs in San Diego....
  18. socalcowboy

    San Diego Pigs

    Stop buying your tags now. They did a bang up job killing all those pigs... estimated up to 3000 - 5000 thousand when the project started and now theres just 8 with some stragglers - Oh and according to Clark Winchell of the US Dept of Fish and Wildlife "Private hunters were also encouraged to...
  19. socalcowboy

    Why did the pheasant cross the road???

    To keep away from the big fat guy (me) from eating him... Actually weird - saw this bird in Dos Picos Campground in Ramona... He appeared everyday about the sametime getting food from under the tables... Seemed awful far from any houses - must have a good hiding spot... with all the yotes...
  20. socalcowboy

    Something right in this world - PETA Ad rejected.