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  1. crab

    CARB compliant w/s/w fluid

    So I go to buy a gallon of windshield washer fluid at my local parts house. Did you know that w/s/w fluid now has to be CARB compliant ? When will all the crazy crap stop ????
  2. crab

    Handguns and lead ammo on person while deer hunting

    Can you legally carry handgun on your person (self defence) while deer hunting, even though that handgun uses lead ammuntion ? Seems this would say a-okay. A: CCR, Title 14 section 250.1(c) provides, “Nothing in this section is intended to prohibit the possession of concealable firearms...
  3. crab

    Saturday Dove 9-14

    Brother and I left at 3am headed for IV. Arrived 5:15 in Calipatria. Hunted dirt field somewhere east of Brawley. Last bird at 10:20 am. Home at 1:15 pm. We both shot really well. Me: 15 for 26 Brother: 15 for 29 Pile driver working 111 when we went by at 5am. Heading home, pile driver in check...
  4. crab

    Lawsuit filed against GPS collars for dogs.

    I'm sure game cameras will be next.
  5. crab

    Lucky Duckers...5 more days added

    The Commission adopted waterfowl hunting regulations for 2019-20, including extending the duck season closure date to January 31 and reducing the daily bag limit for pintail from two to one. It also received the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) 90-day evaluation report on a...
  6. crab

    Shotgun hunting mishap

    Two weeks ago I took my elderly father (84.5 years old) dove hunting. We had to cut the trip short and head for the ER. As they dug the pellets out, we were told that no vital organs had been damaged. As a precaution, the patient was admitted to ICU. After several days of care, the patient was...
  7. crab

    No CA deer tag for me...

    The State of California has informed me I was unsuccessful in the draw for my D12 camping permit for this year. So...y'all have fun out there in the desert. So..who get's to go without us ?
  8. crab

    USFWS Survey Doves and Bandtails

    Anybody else get one in the mail ? They want to know when, where and how many taken during the hunting season. How many downed and lost, not able to retrieve. Like keeping a diary for every day that you hunt doves or band tails. Hmm...pondering how to respond to this or even participate.
  9. crab

    What to do with guns ?

    Buddy of mine has been storing 2 long guns for a buddy of his who had no gun safe. Fast forward 10 years. Dude gets a domestic conviction and recently left California. Buddy is stuck with 2 long guns (12ga auto and SKS) that he can't do anything with. Turn them in to local PD was my only thought...
  10. crab

    and so it begins....D12

    3 of us will be wearing down some boot leather come Saturday. Good luck to all who wander the desert ...
  11. crab

    Big thanks to Deep Creek Flyfishers

    My wife teaches 2nd grade and participates in the CDFW Trout in the Classroom program. Each year my wife receives anywhere from 100 to 200 rainbow trout eggs. Deep Creek Flyfishers coordinates the delivery of the eggs and provides the special chilling unit and tank to raise them in. After 6...
  12. crab

    Todays scouting trip

    Headed to the IV at 3am this morning. Wanted to be at the spot I will be hunting on opener. Watched the morning flight come in. Left before I got noticed. No signs of anyone around.Saw Saw good numbers at 6 of the 8 spots I have been watching. A lot of huge puddles and muddy roads from the last...
  13. crab


    Headed to the IV for one of my scouting trips yesterday. After topping off the tank in Niland at 5am, headed out to find the little grey ghosts. Put over 300 miles on the truck just in the IV driving around. Saw some birds here and there but I think the recent storms moved them around a little...
  14. crab

    New DFW Assistant Chief for So Cal Areas

    A working Warden who's worked his way up thru the ranks..... Hopefully, he'll take care of the Fleet types.
  15. crab

    Roadside Memorial II

    If you were anywhere in the vicinity of Lake Henshaw over this weekend, then you undoubtedly were exposed to the millions of 'hoppers flying around the roads, specifically the Hwy76 and 79 junction. The asphalt is paved with them, as well as my windshield and the front of my radiator. My we...
  16. crab

    MNP Sheep Shots

    Was out in the MNP this last weekend. Spotted these two fellows. Look healthy to me.
  17. crab

    DFW truck for sale....

    While responding to a spotlighting suspect at night in rural in Santa Barbara County, one wildlife officer rolled his patrol truck off of a small mountain road. His truck rolled 20 times. He is still recovering from his injuries. CA DFW photo
  18. crab

    Looking for bow and arrows

    you know, the kind you shot/used when you went to day camp as a kid. Seriously, my wife wants to relive her child hood. So....I see kiddie bows......lame Anybody know where you can find just a regular bow with some target arrows to go into a hay bale..... That won't cost an arm and leg...
  19. crab

    Dove Hunt 9-14 and 9-15

    Hit the IV with my brother and good friend yesterday morning. Although it took till 4:30 yesterday afternoon, we all limited on mourning doves with 19 euros for good measure. This morning, we left the hotel at El Centro and hit a Holtville corn field we had been using off and on since opener...
  20. crab

    how's going for closing weekend?

    well, I meant who's going..... I and a friend will be down in the IV for both days. Our secret spot has been holding up well thru the season and the storms. If nothing else, we'll hit the euros hard again.