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  1. Fowl Play

    Some Questions 3 vs 3.5

    I have never met anyone that shot 3.5" shells purely for more ethical shots on ducks within reasonable range ~40 yards. Only reason was trying to extend their range or for shooting geese. If you think shooting 3.5" shells improves your sub-40 yard shots, take them for a couple rounds of sporting...
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    Waiting Game

    Is this how you do it? Little teasers till the final reveal? Not as cool when it's not a field pic. Bow won't be here for another 2 weeks.
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    Waiting Game

    Beautiful. Doing any pack in hunts this year?
  4. Fowl Play

    Waiting Game

    A new Xpedition?
  5. Fowl Play

    Waiting Game

    Well was looking at the Spott Hogg Fast Eddie, but really liking the features of those Black Gold sites now. Now look what you did, started looking at the Ascent Verdics, but that micro click pin adjustments on the Pro is super slick, don't know if I can convince myself it's worth the extra coin...
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    Waiting Game

    C1: Gator hunting starts Sept 5th for me, hoping to have a gator bites party and some boots afterwards :) PhotoHunter: Hope to see some good in the field photos later this year! Think I might try one of these new 3 pin or 2 pin sliders from Spott Hogg, leaning towards 3 pin so have the ability...
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    Waiting Game

    So been out of the serious archery game for about 10 years. But what do you know, getting out of LA ignited the fire again. I can finally set up a small range in my backyard and good archery shops are closer than 1.5hrs away. Drove around to 3 different shops and shot all the new bows I could...
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    CA Draw Results

    didn't draw squat in CA, but drew some tags for some big lizards down here in Florida.... should be interesting
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    Fowl play! Keeping your head above water?

    All good where I am (near Titusville in SE Florida). All good with the family up near Pensacola as well (thankfully for them a cold front moved in the day before and pushed the hurricane more East). Complete devastation for the ares of Panama City and Mexico Beach though -- going to take years...
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    Dogs or Cats?

    Alright boys, grab a beer and sit down, cause this might be a good one. We gotta talk about a serious question here... do you think raccoons are more like dogs or cats? See, I got this problem at the new place of fleas in the yard. No pets to speak of, and neighbors don't have any. So it has to...
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    QUESTION: RE Secret-Service Style In-Ear microphones

    You’re going to have to buy about 10 of them dog and do a side by side comparison review for us. Having our secret service style headsets be able to pick up ultra low-lows being conducted through our bones is very important to us.
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    Struck Out Across the Board

    New territories great, was out there two weeks back for an inspection on the house we're closing on at the end of the month, and definitely very green (and flush with mosquitos). All in all though, it's going to be a great move. Was driving around the Cape for a weekend, and seeing deer and boar...
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    Struck Out Across the Board

    Yeah, bummed I'm not going to be chasing giant lizards this year -- that's a blast. The other applications were for Whitetail and Boar. Florida does have the opportunity for Sambar deer as well, I'll start applying for those next year.
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    Struck Out Across the Board

    Well the good Lord must know I don't need to do much hunting this year with a new baby due mid -September! You have to be exceptionally unlucky for the below screenshot to occur in Florida. Honestly to the point it should be impossible. Several of those Quota hunt applications have 12-15...
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    Flat Earth? The Salton Sea Test
  16. Fowl Play

    CO results up

    Just got 2 hits on the credit card..... Points only for Deer and Elk!!!! :smiley-wnk-yellow:
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    Inner thigh! Bummer man! Next time cover up the “brood nest” when you’re out there. Just took this little excerpt from the Wikipedia page on tarantula hawks. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. “using their sting to paralyze their prey before dragging it to a brood nest as living food...
  18. Fowl Play

    New murder weapon....

    Hawg, that is a great rig! I'm going to be shooting you a PM to compare notes... see what you like/what you didn't. I'm going to be purchasing something very similar for running the St. John's river in Florida -- combo duck, boar, alligator, general getting off the beaten path hunting rig.
  19. Fowl Play

    Barrel Deresonator ?

    Just chiming in since my situation sounds very similar to yours. My pre 64 Model 70 featherweight .270 loves 130gr Hornady SST's, MOA type groups out to 300 yards. But it will not pattern Hornady GMX's for the life of me -- barely "Minute of deer" (6" patterns) patterns at 100 yards. I had this...
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    Travelers, I need your input

    Small world. Just emailed a group of friends who went down there this past weekend for a medical missions trip. These are guys and girls who go to Columbia for semester's of school, were present for evacuating Syrian refugees, etc. They constantly do things we think are crazy... anyways they all...