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  1. bgundog35

    Repro Bass

    Painted this one up for my sons B day gift, he caught his 8 pounder at BalckHawk, Madera County.
  2. bgundog35

    Labrador Pups Ready to Go

    Mountain Honey Labradors in Jamul has pups available right now. They have strong working lines. Two people I know have purchased pups this last week, very nice dogs. She is located in Jamul.
  3. bgundog35

    No straps for me this season

    I envy this strap , I would like a day in the marsh for this one . I put this one up for a client
  4. bgundog35

    Wife is Jealous

    When I mount to many Red Heads :2zho0zs_th: :2zho0zs_th: :smiley-newlaugh-yellow: :smiley-newlaugh-yellow:
  5. bgundog35

    My pups first season

    From the early training days to game day
  6. bgundog35

    R.I.P Lucy

    I had to say goodbye to my long time hunting companion yesterday, Lucy, one of the hardest things to do. We had a lot of good hunts through the years! I am going to miss her.
  7. bgundog35

    Hard at work on the Fowl

    Been busy on mounts , I thought I would share a few
  8. bgundog35

    Thought I would share

    Been at work on the fowl ,waiting for them to get to so cal, and wanting to bag a few of these , Hope every one is having a good season so far
  9. bgundog35

    Waterfowl , awesome creatures

    Thought i would share, seasons almost over , and back at it
  10. bgundog35

    Garage Time

    My Bull Sprig I put together this last week, I shot this over in Hazard this season
  11. bgundog35

    Garage time

    I hant been hunting much this season so i have been busy in the Garage
  12. bgundog35


    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that participated in the making of the campround . Its people like you guys that make the experience at wister for all of my family and friends to enjoy, I wish I could have been a part of the work parties that made this possible but my family...
  13. bgundog35

    Wister campground drawing

    What is the date for the campground drawing?