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  1. pitdog

    Just a quick question...

    Is this the same Outdoors forum, or did I stumble on something similar? If so, Howdy all! Been a while.
  2. pitdog

    D zone buck

    Nice work Barry!
  3. pitdog

    Very bad news

    So sorry to hear this. My condolences and prayers.
  4. pitdog

    Vegas shooting

    So Sad! RIP Brian!
  5. pitdog

    Gotta be a record forky

    I'd stick it... Been bow hunting damn near every day and if I can hang a ring on the fork, it's going to hang on my gambrel.
  6. pitdog

    Riverside Planning Commission Hearing for San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Future – One More Chance Comin

    There's usually a fat bribe to politicians when it comes to profits. There would have to be a huge amount of opposition to make the crooked politician(s) let this spif go.
  7. pitdog

    Petition to Protect San Jacinto

  8. pitdog

    AO tag filled

    Nice work!
  9. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Good to see you online Duke! As for the deer, I've seen a lot of deer all over the valley, but I'm always looking for them.
  10. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Any Time! ... Bring the scotch of course - I have the cigars stocked up. Slim pickins up here.
  11. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    So I'm in my spot and all hell breaks loose. A pack of coyotes started chasing a couple fawns from the herd I've been scouting. Two coyotes chased a fawn 50yards ahead of me, then out of sight. Then a huge doe and a large fawn fly by me (15 yards in front of me) and they stop at 30 yards. Then...
  12. pitdog

    Are you SH*&%^# me

    ESPN and the NFL are dead to me. College football is all I will watch.
  13. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Had a covey of Mtn Quail bust in front of me on my evening scouting trip. This one stayed behind and posed at 10 yards: I need to buy a few aluminum arrows with Judo points before the season ends. This would have been an easy shot.
  14. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    They are only out at night but they can fly like a bird. Pretty awesome!
  15. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    So I have a flying squirrel eating my bird seed
  16. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Brent, I'll never forget that hunt! You're a tough son of a gun. Life is getting better every day. You need to join Rick Westphal ( Westy) and I for an archery hunt. @ Paul, I trust you, but it's worth several hundred grand... Hey, Just for kicks, If you have a high tolerance to risk and loss...
  17. pitdog

    Pretty Quiet

    I'm not too confident, but I put a lot of time in scouting this area... There's just not too many deer in D14. Lots of does and 1yr old bucks, but shooter bucks are slim pickings.
  18. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Paul, I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park! (crap, was that too soon?) I wasted so many years with this violent, drunken, no sammich making devil, I have no where to go but positive and happiness. God has a plan for those who believe and I finally took his advise.
  19. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Westy worked me good today. I just finished painting his new house. First I scraped all the texture, primed every wall Including the damn lid, then painted the lid, walls and baths... Yeah, I'm tired. It's great to have such a close brother living in the same mountains. If you're contemplating...
  20. pitdog

    Living in Fawnskin

    Thanks for all the well wishes! :beer-toast: I took Betsy out and was on the water at 6:00am. As soon as I loaded the boat, I noticed a leak in the bow that was caused by all the wear over many years of loading it and unloading it. Once my fat arse was in, the bow lifted and I was in business...