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  1. slinky_70

    New Cabelas Ice Chest Cart

    I have never used this cart. They sell new for $100 I am selling this for $25
  2. slinky_70

    12 Sillosock Flyers

    I have 12 Sillosock Flyers with the long wing spars for easier setup. I also have the short wing spars that came with them. $75.00 for all 12
  3. slinky_70

    50 doz. Sillosock snows

    I have 50 doz. sillosock snows in 4 silloguard containers. These are in good condition. Like to get 1500 for all of them
  4. slinky_70

    How low can dems go

    I wish I lived there. Would have to consider a lawsuit
  5. slinky_70

    New user cannot create account

    I have a friend who has tried to create a new user account and keeps getting an error that the Captcha is running the wrong version. What can he do to get by this
  6. slinky_70

    Issues with site

    Is there something going on. I cannot see any new content
  7. slinky_70

    Maybe there is hope for 2nd amendment rights

    We finally saw some good news. It's a start. Would love to see an injunction on the ammo laws
  8. slinky_70

    California Fish and Wildlife Department directory

    Does anyone know where to locate the directory for phone and email of the California Fish and Wildlife?
  9. slinky_70

    Good perspective on gun control

    You will never see the media pick this up and talk about it
  10. slinky_70

    Goose Hunting can be dangerous

    I can see how this can happen. Came close many times myself
  11. slinky_70

    Ya have to wonder what Libtards are thinking
  12. slinky_70

    California's dying sea

    Good series of articles about Salton Sea Where has all the money gone
  13. slinky_70

    Hunter mistakes another hunter for turkey

    Maybe these guys should take up basket weaving
  14. slinky_70

    Quote of the Month

    I don't know, nor do I care, how many people attended Trump's inauguration. But I can tell you exactly how many people attended Hillary's inauguration. That's the number that matters.
  15. slinky_70

    Found Cabelas Camo Jacket

    We re-filled yesterday into 115B and found a camo jacket at the site. We left the jacket at the check station
  16. slinky_70

    This is a big non typical
  17. slinky_70

    The curse of the Goat

    The curse is finally over. As much as I like Joe Maddon he was almost the goat. IMO he completely over-managed the game in the 4th inning. Should never have removed the starting pitcher. Then left Chapman in when he had nothing left
  18. slinky_70

    BassPro buys Cabelas

    I just read this morning that BassPro has acquired Cabelas for 5.5 billion. Hope they do not change the products at Cabelas I prefer theirs to BassPro. Also wonder what happens to the current gift cards and other incentives Cabelas offers. Now gonna have to start paying sales tax on Cabelas...
  19. slinky_70

    Make America Safe Again

    Good video from Trump. Based on all the comments I hope they all vote
  20. slinky_70

    Never Trust the Media

    This will show you the level of deceit the media will go to