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    Nampa, Idaho Bound.

    I was a member at GreenHead about 4 years ago. Those were the good ole days when that club had a ton of water. $60 a year for a membership, you just couldn't beat it. Due to our water situation, 2 years ago it was just a puddle at GH and guys were trippin over themselves to hunt the open water...

    Nampa, Idaho Bound.

    Zephyr is nice! Few clubs in the valley. It is a nice place to raise a family and gun laws aren't so bad! :smiley-wnk-yellow: GoinDeep, I'm not on Greenhead....

    Nampa, Idaho Bound.

    Meatgetter, It's been up and down. We started off with little water on the entire club. We scratched out a few birds during the early part of the season. The water situation has improved and the numbers have increased. Still waiting for the cold snap to happen up north to push those northern...

    Nampa, Idaho Bound.

    Back from Idaho! What an awesome state for waterfowl. We had HOWLING winds of 25 to 35+ during our trip. We had a downpour of rain for 2 days mixed in with snow. The weather REALLY worked against us. I have never seen so many geese fly, but 99% didn't want anything to with our spread in the...

    Nampa, Idaho Bound.

    Got an invite to hunt a private 5000 acre ranch outside of Nampa, Idaho. Couldn't pass up this opportunity. :smiley_10sign: Leaving in a few hours and will be pullin the trigger at first light tomorrow. Post up pics when I return! :smiley-thumbs-up-aqua:

    If you adverage them out, are game wardens friend or foe?

    Can't say I have ever had a bad experience with a Warden and I know plenty. There are bad apples in ever line of work. Bottom line is, don't break the law and you will be alright! Being a warden ain't the easiest gig. Typically, everyone you run across is "Armed" and your nearest back-up is...

    3rd Season Co Elk

    Nice Job Mike

    I hate forkies.....

    Nice Job Way!


    I HATE Nevada!!! (Nice Job!)
  10. HOGHUNTER714

    3rd Season Co Elk

    Nice job Mike!
  11. HOGHUNTER714


    Great Buck! Get his mug up on the wall!!!!
  12. HOGHUNTER714

    PaulC comes through again - Big Bull Down

    Fat Bastard!!!!! Great Bull!!!!
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    Bass Pro may buy Cabela's?

    Hope it don't happen....
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    3rd Season Co Elk

    Goodluck Mike! Have a Safe Trip!!!!!
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    Federal Duck Stamps

    Here is Nevada when you buy your Federal Duck Stamp it's mailed to you. The receipt is valid for 45 days, but took about 10 days for the actual sticker to arrive. Can also get lucky at a local post office if you search early.....
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    My 2015 Wyo Buck

    Love Wyoming! Nice Job....
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    Co first season

    Great Trip....Thanks for sharing!!!
  18. HOGHUNTER714

    Epic Montana trip. Got my trophy Mt. Goat finally

    Great Story! That goat is a monster, Congrat's!!!!
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    Hog Trailer!!!
  20. HOGHUNTER714

    So 2Rocky didn't blog.....

    Great Story! Congrat's on the Success......