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    Wyoming Hunt

    Based on the previous year's results I should draw for Region K in Wyoming (Evanston area) draw results posting June 20. While I am there, will look at the antelope for next year. Getting excited.... heard nothing but good stories about this zone. Anybody else do good there?
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    Archery Hunt

    Has anybody hunted A32 Ventura the season is Nov 9 - Dec 1. It is either sex. Kill rate only 6% but don't know if that's because people don't hike into the wilderness areas or if there are no deer.
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    Obsession FX-7 or Turmoil RZ

    I'm new to bow hunting … This will be my 2nd deer season. This past spring was my 2nd turkey season. I arrowed a pig 20 yards at Fort Hunter Liggett in March. The arrow didn't pass through and through. Dammed armor plate, the arrow stopped on the other side and did not penetrate. I did bury 16...
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    Big Game Share Hunts- Steals from the Public

    A couple of years ago when DFG started the Share hunts as a fund raiser, I was happy to put in for it. But last year, I called DFG to ask where the extra tags came from. The tags are not extra. DFG takes away from yearly "Public" quota and assigns them to the fund raiser. A typical California...
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    CWA Promotion- Yeti

    Not sure where to post this here or in the Waterfowl spot but since the issue is political I will post it here. Received a fund raising promotion from California Waterfowl Asso where they listed a Yeti cooler for a $1,000 donation. Not a Yeti fan since they severed their ties with the NRA and...
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    California Registration Day

    What else is there to say???
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    4 days left to sign. Petitions have to be in by 9/29 to make it to the Nov 8 ballot. Assuming there are enough signatures, it will be interesting to see how the people of California respond. I would love to be wrong on this but sadly I just don't see the people of California rallying behind this...
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    Sportsman's Act of 2015 Feinstein Response

    I wrote to Feinstein for her to support the Act. It was so long ago that I forgot I did so. Anyway she responded yesterday in an email talking about balancing the needs of all Californians... 4 paragraphs long. In one of the paragraphs she wrote what she opposed about the Act. That the people of...
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    Anti-Gun Legislation- Dem Bait and Switch

    CRPA sent out an alert to contact your state Reps and Senators to oppose the following. I don't know enough about amending AB's to know if re-purposing an AB once submitted is unethical but it seems so to me. CRPA wrote that the Dems gutted the AB's and re-wrote them. AB156 (McCarty & De Leon)...
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    Companies that Hurt Hunting

    There is an organization in Oregon called Oregon Outdoor Council and they post on their site the top five companies hurting hunting. They focus in Oregon, but some of these companies do business here in Left Coast California. Basically these companies take our monies through the gear we hunters...
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    Anti Gun Bills on the Govenor's Desk

    From CRPA today. CONTACT THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AND URGE HIM TO VETO THESE KEY ANTI-GUN AND ANTI-HUNTING BILLS! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! The Legislature wrapped up their business on all bills for 2013 on September 12. The below-listed bills will be in the Governor’s hands soon and could be signed...