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    Nampa, Idaho Bound.

    Got an invite to hunt a private 5000 acre ranch outside of Nampa, Idaho. Couldn't pass up this opportunity. :smiley_10sign: Leaving in a few hours and will be pullin the trigger at first light tomorrow. Post up pics when I return! :smiley-thumbs-up-aqua:

    The Boy Shoots His First Buck (Nevada Style!!!).

    Where do I begin on this one.....We have been blessed in so many ways for tags this year and it's been truly awesome. My Girlfriends Son (Who is 12 yrs Old), drew a Nevada 021 Junior Either Sex Tag. His Dad took him out for the MuzzleLoader Season and didn't see much. I told him that if he...

    Little NV Duckin

    Had a good day on Sunday.....The Vortex was workin it's Magic!!!!!!

    Mixed Bag

    Northern Birds are starting to show....

    Nice Bear taken in NV

    My buddy took this brown color phase bear on sunday. NV only give's out a handfull of tags every year and dogs are still allowed. Great Bear for our area and it was all "Spot & Stalk"!!!! Over 500lbs....

    Verifying a DFG CA Licensed Guide

    Anyone know of a tested & true website to verify if a Guide/Outfitter is truly licensed in CA? Looking at DFG's website for Licensed Guides in the State, it appears that Guides/Outfitters now can "Opt" out of the directory.

    Slow Club Day...

    Hit the club on Sunday. Very slow day for ducks. Saw a few local birds at first light and then it shut off. Was able to dumb a goose that came into my spread, so it wasn't half bad. Waiting for this cold weather to settle in and freeze up Tule Lake. Come on Northern Birds!!!

    Slow Day, but it beats workin!...

    Slow Day here in Nevada. The dog got out, so it wasn't all bad! We are praying for a cold snap to push those Northern Birds down!

    Smoked Salmon...Tips????

    Just bought a new Electric Digital Smoker from Cableas last week and trying to figure this thing out. Took it out for its Maden Voyage the day I got it and threw a rack of ribs inside. Did a dry rub, filled the water pan with apple juice (per a tip from the Cableas salesman), Temp set at 225 for...
  10. HOGHUNTER714

    NV Youth Hunt

    Was able to sneak away and take my girlfriends 12 yr old out for the NV Youth Hunt. He's hunted ducks, before but it was a pretty limited experience. All and all, we had a great time at my club. He took 4 ducks and his first ever goose. What a blast!!!!
  11. HOGHUNTER714

    2 NV Cow Elk take dirt nap....

    It's been a busy 60 days. Drew a 041/042 Early Antelope Tag and was blessed to fill that on opening day. Wasn't much to choose from since my area has really takin a beating from the drought. We were able to get it done. My Girlfriend and I drew 076/077/079 & 081 Cow Elk Tags. This was her...
  12. HOGHUNTER714

    NV Antelope Hunt (41/42)

    Started my pre season scouting about a month ago and hit my hunting area pretty hard. Put a lot of miles on the truck and burned up some boot leather in the process. We were having a very hard time finding any legal bucks in my unit. Water is the key as everyone knows and water was absent in all...
  13. HOGHUNTER714

    New DuckClub

    Had a chance to tour the New DuckClub yesterday. Since moving to Nevada in 2005, I've always hunted the public areas with everybody else and their uncle. Getting accepted into any private duck club in this area is no easy task. The "Good Ole Boy" system is alive and well in the Great State of...
  14. HOGHUNTER714

    Decent Day in Nevada...

    It's been a tough season here in Nevada for Ducks. We had a big freeze about a month ago that locked up all open water. The ducks didnt wait around and moved on to other areas. It's been rough finding open water, since our temps during the night won't get above freezing. Was able to do a little...
  15. HOGHUNTER714

    NV Chukar

    Got a chance last week to make a run and hunt Ole Red Leggs.....Did a morning hunt and the boy was able to bag some birds....
  16. HOGHUNTER714

    Cold feet in the duck blind

    I hunt in Northern Nevada and it can get pretty cold on some mornings. Hunted yesterday and it was right around 14 degrees in the blind. I wear 5mm Neoprene and 1600 gram thinsulate waders. I stay warm, except for my feet. Has always been an issue. I always double up on wool socks, but the old...
  17. HOGHUNTER714

    NV Waterfowl Forecast

    First time I have posted in the waterfowl section. Attended the local Cabelas "Waterfowl Appreciation Days" yesterday here in Reno, NV. I sat thru the local presentation from a biologist who conducts bird surveys at the local refuges. Personally, I have not been out to scout, so I had no idea...
  18. HOGHUNTER714

    Bushnell Sharpshooter 3x9x40mm Rifle Scope w/Rings (Brand New)

    Bushnell Sharpshooter 3x9x40mm Rifle Scope w/Rings. (Brand New). Pulled off a brand new Savage 111 that I just bought. $65.00 + Buyer pays shipping. If Interested email me at [email protected]
  19. HOGHUNTER714

    Lookin for the Ultimate Elk Camp Set-up

    Mods...Feel free to move this if it belongs elsewhere... I'm looking to buy a "Wall Tent" set-up this year. The tent has to be a true four season set-up and be able to withstand high winds, rain and snow. Looking for something very durable and will last for years to come. I will be using a...
  20. HOGHUNTER714

    NV Mulie Takes Dirt Nap

    It's been a tough year here in NV for most of the guys I know. My buddy has never taken a deer before and with a tag in his back pocket, I sent him to an area I like. After 9 days and burning a lot of boot leather, he came up empty handed. He made the 8 hour drive home, regrouped and took care...