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  1. Skeet

    Utah archery

    Dad got it done by himself in Utah since I’ve been stuck on a fire and he is retired he seen no point in sitting home. His biggest archery mule deer I’m proud of him hopefully I get up there for my tag soon. Having issue posting pic stand by
  2. Skeet

    First coues

    Well after 3 years of trying my dad and myself finally got it done.
  3. Skeet

    Tagged out

    Down in dirty spent two weeks o Fighting a fire got home late thursday night loaded up the truck. Dad was at my house by 930am friday. Drive 6 hours set up camp glass that evening only little bucks. Next morning pass up 4 legal bucks then my dad spots this one keeps saying just shoot it. I...
  4. Skeet

    Truck dealers

    Hey all looks like I will be in the market for a new pickup and thought I'd reach out to see if any tof folks are in the busines. I'd rather do business with someone who has our same values if you know what I mean
  5. Skeet

    Before work hunt

    While driving around last evening at work seen some good deer movement :smiley-wnk-yellow: so thanks to the time change giving me a little longer time to hunt before work the plan was set. Got up to my spot and what do I see sky lined at 30 yards but a legal buck. Shoot him then another...
  6. Skeet


    Anyone else apply for Colorado draws yet? I know they have a new system and changed the way they charge but just want to make sure all is right. Showing 10 for habitate stamp and 3 per species to apply?
  7. Skeet

    rogers rio shotshell sell

    Rogers has rio shells on sell now today and tomorrow. when you buy 2 cases it gives you the full discount 3 1/2 inch 2 cases under 200 shipped also have 3 inch 1400 on sale 89 a case
  8. Skeet

    Muzzy bucks

    Had a pretty good muzzy season going 6 for 7. Daughter missed two nice bucks and passed up many that she said were too small. Proud if her for sticking to her standards. Nephew got his first deer and he only cared if it was legal. Great time with family and friends
  9. Skeet

    Vegas shooting

    Just found out we had one of our own hit last night at the concert he is in icu. Here is to a speedy recovery Rock
  10. Skeet

    Utah mt goat

    Where to start, I guess dreams do come true. Been dreaming of hunting my goats since I first seen them in one of my dads hunting magizin. First thought as a kid was why would someone want to hunt a animal with such small horns, then it turned into I want to. So like every year draws open and...
  11. Skeet

    Altitude sickness

    Hey all was out scouting for my mountain goat and found out the hard way I suffer from high altitude sickness. Could hardly walk up hill, felt like my jugular was about to exploid when I exerted any energy at all. Scared the heck out of me I've always been able to fight my way through anything...
  12. Skeet

    Season recap

    Not the best season for number of birds but made it out every Wednesday and a hand full of sundays. Dog got a little more work in. Got to spend some quality time with my family and friends
  13. Skeet

    Go time

    Morning can't get here soon enough
  14. Skeet

    CA Tags

    Has anyone received their tags in the mail yet? haven't received Pays or mine yet just want to see if I need to call or if there not out yet thanks.
  15. Skeet

    How's my broadhead

    First time using this head what's your thoughts
  16. Skeet

    7.62x52r surplus ammo

    Dad was cleaning out his office and came across 100 plus rounds of military ammo in 7.62. we don't have a rifle to shoot it can meet at san jac or you can pick it up at my work in wrightwood.
  17. Skeet

    Greg hunt ducks

    Just got off the phone with greg. While it was great talking to a old friend it came with some sad news. Greg wanted me to pass on to the tof family that his wife passed away. Greg I'm really sorry for your loss buddy hope we can share a camp fire or two this year
  18. Skeet

    What is it

    Well my mom moved to Oklahoma and sent me this picture of a bug which she wants to know what the heck kind of bug it is. Figured someone here would know. Thanks for the help
  19. Skeet

    reel rebuilder?

    Hey guys my grandpa gave me some of his ocean reels and I would like to get them gone through or rebuilt. They are Newell's (sp). Does anyone have a place to recommend to send them? Thanks
  20. Skeet

    First pitch

    Well my daughter Payton got to throw out the first pitch for the 66ers Friday night. Being a angels fan she was pretty excited, and being her dad I was probably more excited :smiley-wnk-yellow: well with rain expected (go figure right) we wernt sure it was going to happen but sure enough it...