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  1. Skeet

    Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Survey

    Not a Colorado resident or I’d be willing to help
  2. Skeet

    Bloody decks

    Great trip
  3. Skeet

    NV Last Chance Buck

    Nice shot
  4. Skeet

    Dove opener report

    Thanks for the reports time afield birds or not beats being at work
  5. Skeet

    Utah archery

  6. Skeet

    Utah archery

    Dad got it done by himself in Utah since I’ve been stuck on a fire and he is retired he seen no point in sitting home. His biggest archery mule deer I’m proud of him hopefully I get up there for my tag soon. Having issue posting pic stand by
  7. Skeet


    Time on the water with your daughter priceless
  8. Skeet

    Nevada 194/196 Early Archery

    I wish best of luck to you
  9. Skeet

    No posts??

    Glad you got to the er in time
  10. Skeet

    It’s almost elk time..

  11. Skeet

    First archery bear

  12. Skeet

    Draws are up. Anyone get lucky?

    Zip for me my dad drew m9
  13. Skeet

    Dogs 1, kelp 1, me 1.

    Least your getting out thanks for sharing
  14. Skeet


    Now that we’re all vaccinated we can share a campfire at the turd without getting rolled up by the state
  15. Skeet

    Mr. J

    Nice I’m sure he ate well. I’m heading out Friday hopefully find a dumb one
  16. Skeet

    Won a MDF raffle.

    Free gun will make you do that post up some pics of her
  17. Skeet

    Salton Sea toxic

    Man I wish we could get some water flowing into her again
  18. Skeet

    AB 1223

  19. Skeet

    Mr. T

    Great job