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  1. BigWave

    Our 2019

    We knew this would be an epic hunting season for our family well before it started. We had 7 big game permits in 4 different western states and were ultimately able to fill 5 of those tags. Lots of highs and a few lows, but so many great family memories made in the outdoors for us this season...
  2. BigWave

    Fat Forky Down!

    I love deer hunting, and I’ve always loved me a fat forky! Especially when my tag is about to end in a few days, and when my girls are ridin’ shotgun!! These are the best of times!! Kiddo has helped pack out 3 or our 5 critters this year, including her own first deer! Heading back in a few...
  3. BigWave

    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Words can't even describe the feeling. This girl amazes me every day. We’ve hunted our tails off. We had a tough day yesterday. Woke up to a nice dusting of snow today and decided to go look at some new country. We were in deer immediately and got close on a couple. Found this guy chasing...
  4. BigWave

    The Wyoming Incident....

    Every few years I get the bug to grab the rifle for a hunt or two, and this year I had a couple good hunts lined up. I have a couple good buddies that live in some incredible country in Wyoming, and I try to get together with them every few years and go hang out and hunt. This trip was off...
  5. BigWave

    Wifeys AZ Bull.....EPIC!!!!!!

    Where to start? What a hunt! We busted our tails since the opener. From finding crazy things out in the hills to a bunch of close calls, it was an amazing adventure. One to stick in the memory bank for sure!! I am so dam proud of my wife. From nearly wanting to quit archery due to shoulder...
  6. BigWave

    Nevada Lope

    Done on the opener with a pretty decent buck!! My girls and I had a blast!
  7. BigWave

    AZ is Hitting Cards!!!

    Holy cow.....kiddo has her first big game tag!! An Arizona youth rifle deer!!!!! Gonna be an epic season!! Good luck to all of you!!!
  8. BigWave

    Wyoming Results Up

    Got a good deer tag! Our season is pretty much set unless we get some luck for a Junior deer tag for kiddo in AZ!! Our talley.... Wifey- Likely Tables Archery Lope AZ Archery Elk Me- AO and a local general deer tag NV Lope in a great unit Wyo Deer Gonna be goooooood!!!
  9. BigWave

    SOLD***17 Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34, 60-70 Buckskin/Black RH***SOLD

    In excellent condition. Used as my hunting bow this fall. It has a few scuff marks on the front of the limb pockets from setting it on the ground during a stalk, etc., but otherwise in very nice, clean condition. 3 month old Fuse/Hoyt stings and Buckskin riser with black limbs. 2.1 cams and...
  10. BigWave

    A Side of Bacon Please?

    I had a great time out in the hills of central Cal with the boys this weekend! I was able to slip an arrow thru this 200 lb. sow on Saturday just before dark. One of our buddies killed a great boar yesterday morning. Lots and lots of belly laughs in camp, and a few cold beverages...
  11. BigWave

    My 2017 AZ Archery Buck

    I'm still in a little bit of shock from the events of the last 24 hours. Wifey and I have been hip deep in good bucks for the last 3 weeks, but just haven't been able to make it happen. After having her in the middle of a bunch of nice bucks yesterday with no shot, I decided to go look at one of...
  12. BigWave

    Wifey's Tule Hunt Highlight Vid!!

    A fun little watch! What a blast!!!
  13. BigWave

    2016 Ca Archery Deer...Pt 1 of 2 (Hopefully!)

    The stars all finally aligned, and I was blessed to arrow this beautiful deer. I played cat and mouse with him and his big buddy a few days before, but couldn't make it work. It's another crazy story that ended with some more amazing wild game meat in our freezers!! I'm all wrapped, so now...
  14. BigWave

    Wifeys OV Archery Tule Bull

    What an adventure!!! There were a few ups and downs. She missed a world class bull at first light opening morning. Some amazing spot and stalks only to get spoiled. Spotted this guy Monday morning and wifey and I made a sweet stalk on him. Played cat and mouse for a little while to head him...
  15. BigWave

    My 2015 Wyo Buck

    I don't do many rifle hunts any more, but this was sure a good time! I have a good buddy that lives in the eastern part of the state, and we agreed that it was time to hunt together up there again this year. We had an amazing time! We had found this buck on the 2nd night of the hunt about an...
  16. BigWave

    My Bear

    My 2015 spot and stalk California archery bear. He was an old scrapper. His face is covered with scars and he has a big ole' pumpkin head! It was a crazy, 24 hour turnaround banzai trip with HuntCrazy. We worked hard and had it all come together perfectly late Friday afternoon. We had...
  17. BigWave


    Anyone out there bowhunting giant late season deer in Nevada this year..................besides me? Can't wait to get this ON!!!!
  18. BigWave

    BigWave's 2014 in Pictures!!

    Well, the fat lady sang for our crew last weekend, but we didn't go down without a tough fight. We were on the hill glassing for that last minute buck to make a mistake, but he never showed himself. We had an amazing season with so many great times, laughs and memories made to last a...
  19. BigWave

    My 2015 Arizona Archery Buck

    My 2015 Arizona archery buck. So happy to share this with this awesome crew! Much love and thanks to Bruce, Eric, Lorie and Jesey!!
  20. BigWave

    Wifeys January Az Buck

    After quite a few years and many opportunities, wifey was able to get it done in Az! It was my turn to hang back with our daughter and her turn to be on the hill glassing with Bruce and Eric. About an hour before dark, she glassed up this buck and wiggled in on him with some help from the...