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  1. imateamroper2

    Opening day pics & stories

    I remember this forum used to flow with updates,whats going on? I wanna see pics of trucks stuck in the mud!dam it. With these kinda numbers there...
  2. imateamroper2

    Chimmin in

    Wassup Gang? Been a minute since i last talked to yall! Alots happen since i been on here,as my pop passed last year and i went OVER THE ROAD training students.became homeless and started living on the truck. So i have not been able to keep up with you guys.does not look like ill be hunting...
  3. imateamroper2

    Idiots at wister

    I hunted the opener did good on sat. But Sunday was a joke. Had three guys park at the end of the dike across from me at W 11 D 4. One gun three guys taking turns shooting shore birds and coots. Walking up and down the dike.i was amazed whenWardens showed up without me callin them,they found...
  4. imateamroper2

    Duck Stamps

    I was just curious how many people take the time to get to the online license and checkout thier Duck Stamps. So they get sent and how many collect them like I do. Now this is my question; HOW MANY GET LEFT BEHIND TO NEVER GET CLAIMED? Because of a wierd hoakie system.When they should just be...
  5. imateamroper2

    Got a New Ride

    GET R DONE!been a long 6 years of gettin over my last one, finally figured its time.
  6. imateamroper2

    Is he Muslim or Christian?
  7. imateamroper2

    Fatty birds

    These birds are eating good.look at the fat on that teal.i didn't see them that fat earlier in the year.
  8. imateamroper2

    White Elbino forkys

    A RARE SIGHTING: Behind the Gray Rock Cafe in Grayling, Michigan, Tim Gillette made the deer feeder with the 'Browning' logo. These twin albinos have been coming into the back of Gray Rock Cafe since they were fawns in 2006. We have been trying to capture a digital pic of them for...
  9. imateamroper2

    Obama Scandals

    Bob: “Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?” Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running?” Bob: “No, the other one.” Jim: “You mean SEAL Team 6?” Bob: “No, the other one.” Jim: “You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?” Bob: “No, the other one.” Jim: “You mean voter fraud?” Bob...
  10. imateamroper2

    Mud chickens from Wister

    This is for the people who think im all talk. Stupid mud hole
  11. imateamroper2

    AMA Convention

    If you like anything to do with models, this is the place.take the kids you will have a great time!
  12. imateamroper2

    I think I have alzhiemers

    Yes! Well I guess my mind is in working order so far. Weird the way we process things. I read it! Thank God Alzheimers is far down the road. Here's another Test from Doctor Dementia to test your skills .. I've seen this with the letters out of order, but this is the first time I've seen...
  13. imateamroper2


    My 79 yr old father went to get his high blood pressure bottle went fron 30 dollars to 110 dad said he refuses to buy now his health is at risk. . his pharmacist said Obama care has to be paid by someone?he has three other meds,also. He is supposed to be fully...
  14. imateamroper2

    Los Banos dfg screwed up the lottery

    So here's the deal. I get number 63 on the lottery. They cut it off at 22.closed the refuge to any new hunters because its full. So they make a list i end up 13th on the list outta 40 people.heres where the stupid b.s. Starts. The dfg guy comes out and says to everyone waiting in the parking...
  15. imateamroper2

    Want go shootin
  16. imateamroper2

    Flocking wonderful

    I'm just curious y'all's opinion on flocking the heads of decoys? Like how long does the stuff last? Do birds decoy better with them? I have four honker floater decoys iwas thinking about doing?not so much my duck decoys cause they get trashed,from abuse.but. Those four need touched up and i was...
  17. imateamroper2

    4 th amendment ignored by police

    I had this happen a few years back and it happened again last year. Seems this is becoming the normal thing for police.lawless cops are more and more raiding peoples homes without probable cause.or a warrant.
  18. imateamroper2

    What do you think?