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    6 Essential Things You Need in Your Daypack

    6 Essential Things You Need in Your Daypack Written By: Walt Cunningham Having a Daypack is common, but are you packing all the essentials? There are many factors that could impact what goes in your daypack or rucksack including the season, the duration of your adventure, or even the terrain...
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    Hunting Backpack suggestions, New member

    Hello everyone I'm a new member of this site and would like to say I'm glad to be part of this community. I'm currently looking for a new gun bag to take on hunting trips. I'd be mainly carrying a Ruger American in 30-06 around the thick mountains of PA. A friend of mine has an Eberlestock...
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    Revolutionary New Backpack

    hahaha thats great! I think i'll stick with my eberlestock
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    Under armor boots

    I would suggest REI, I sort of remember them having them
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    The 105th reason I'm glad I moved to Arizona

    Congratulations, that must have been very exciting!
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    Need a Compact Water filter

    I tried to find the site it was on and got a link for you, they have a few others but this is the same one I got.
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    Need a Compact Water filter

    Yes Im glad your looking for a water filter because I know a lot of guys who never think of bringing one on a trip. I've fallen in love with my Aquamira Frontier Pro Water filter. I know you can pick them up on GuerrillaOutfitter,com for not much at all. Its one of those things when you don't...