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    Anti hunting thieves arrested

    Dad, Did you show up at court? Did you speak with the judge? Direct involvement may have helped. DA's don't care, just a conviction.
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    Anti hunting thieves arrested

    Felony arrest for theft sounds like a crime of 'moral turpitude'. That means she will be asking if you want fries with your burger at McDonalds. Goodbye bar card.
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    They had to cut the bears head off....

    Week in the hospital and over 200 stitches. Now that's what they call fun. Bet it was cheap too.
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    Hiker Attacked by Rabid Coyote in Georgia

    Rabies can also and are carried by ground squirrels. Something to think about when you decide to pick them up.
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    New World Record?

    The long tail are coming over the ridge from Coal Canyon. Great place for a foggy early morning hunt. Always so much fun to hear one growl about 15 yards away in the fog.
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    Snake break/avoidance

    Web has an understanding of how your dog thinks and reacts. He has an encyclopedia of knowledge that isn't seen in others. He is worth the drive.
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    Snake break/avoidance

    Not to be contrary but my dog got the training from my friend, Web. The next day he found a buzzworm and jumped back 4 feet. Now four years later, if we find one I get the same reaction. It is always nice to open a book before you pass judgment.
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    New World Record?

    From what I have read, the last California Griz was actually shot in Holy Jim Canyon in OC.
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    If only we had a spring season

    Once, in a creek bottom that was overgrown, I walked into a bear in his bed. That will get the adrenaline going!
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    Salton Sea Article in L A Times 05/17/18

    Until the wind starts blowing. Then there may be some action.
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    What's happening in NM?

    I'm sorry. But Ollie North at the head of the NRA?
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    Where is Steve

    check SCH. He posts there more.
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    Lost my hunting buddy...

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. When you are ready hopefully you can find a new pup.
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    More Members "over there" LMAO

    Looked for the post couldn't find it. Another banned former member. I enjoyed how his rotundity just shut me out with no nothing.
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    The Perils of wearing Hunter Orange!!!

    Humming birds also like to buzz you if you are wearing an orange cap. Watch your eyes.