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    Wister and San Jacinto Hunter input Meeting

    I could not participate due to work schedule. What was the outcome?
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    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    Well, skunked yet again. Six years down, probably six to go. I like D-5 anyway!
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    chirp...... chirp....... chirp.....

    My 2021 hunt season was a complete yawn. No deer, not even a spike. Went to hunt band tail pigeon but got snowed out and there were zero birds. Duck hunting sucked and spring turkey didn’t happen which was probably a good thing as I discovered while walking my new hunting retriever that I was a...
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    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    It sure is. God's Country!
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    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    Put in for X-9A with the group. Year six. Really hope I pull a golden ticket. This would be the first time my son will have enough time to hunt for a week if we get pulled. I am so eager to share that experience with him. God gave me a reminder this past weekend that we only have so much time to...
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    Turkey tags in CA?

    Well I hope they at least give me a cut of the fees then!
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    Turkey tags in CA?

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Commiefornia is going to start imposing additional fees and tag requirements for turkey hunting? I feel like the only thing they've done right is keeping the turkey season as an upland game stamp. More money grabbing from a greedy state. Am I wrong?
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    Give me my deer back....

    That is freaking crazy! Nice buck there!
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    Any kills?

    Well, looks like tag soup. Saw a lot of does out there but failed to see any antlers whatsoever. I found buck tracks pretty much everywhere that I was roaming but didn't bump any. My suspicion is that these bucks have become nocturnal and do all their moving at night. If I bumped any out of...
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    Any kills?

    I’m going to kill a monster last week of hunting season in D-5. At least that is my plan. Tag soup has little to no nutritional value!
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    Waterfowl Reservations

    #fail I never get drawn for the season opener. Conspiracy theory.
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    Mr. T

    Most excellent sir!
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    Draws are up. Anyone get lucky?

    The draws have posted for CA Hunts. As usual, I came up empty handed. Anybody have any luck getting draws?
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    Yikes...even the black bears are getting into it now...

    I ran into a big black bear while turkey hunting. Dude was probably 400 lbs. I was trying to get my phone out of my chest pocket but was having trouble with gloved hands and he bolted before I could get footage of him. He was close about 25 yards and didn’t see or wind me. I gave him the “hey...
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    Spring Thunder

    Good looking bird right there. But the BLM square?