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    UTV or Golf Cart

    if that’s not an LA hunters rig I don’t know what is!!
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    Slammed one..

    Decent buck... congrats Mat
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    The Passing of a Legend

    Leon was a great man and will truly be missed.
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    Kiddo's First Buck!!

    Is this the same lil girl you were carrying on your back..... what seemed like yesterday? Dam big congrats!!
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    R.I.P LLOYD...

    Sorry for the loss Matt... dogs are special members of all our families!
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    Mr. Forky

    Nice buck!!
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    Video of kill shot on buck.

    Kaaapooow !! Nice work Paul
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    The Wyoming Incident....

    Cool buck dave
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    South of 8 - The Trump Wall

    Hasn’t been any pheasant south of the 8 in 10 years.... head north.... waaaaay north!!
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    Wifeys AZ Bull.....EPIC!!!!!!

    Bad ass Dave!! Congrats
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    Did it again

    You guys need to check out Into the Depths sport fishing... they run boats out of San Diego.. 4-packs. They are killing big Blue fin like they are mesquites!!! Last week they had a few over 300lbs!!!!
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    Transporting long guns.

    Soooo all you LEO or ex LEOs .... what is your opinion.
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    Transporting long guns.

    Here it is..... 25640. Section 25400 does not apply to, or affect, licensed hunters or fishermen carrying pistols, revolvers, or other firearms capable of being concealed upon the person while...
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    Transporting long guns.

    Hey gang... double check this but I think this is the code that allows you to carry while hunting, fishing or traveling to Code 25-640
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    Transporting long guns.

    I fucking hate California It’s my understanding that transporting to or from hunting or shooting that they are not considered concealed.... but I can’t find the code.