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    Two Day Trip

    Nice haul! Glad to hear you like that 6 x 47. Jeph shot a 25 pound cat with his 6 x 47 this weekend using a 65 grain V-max on a broadside shot at 35 yards. We both figured it would be ruined when he walked out to recover it but we were both surprised to see there wasn't an exit hole.
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    A Question about Predator Hunting

    :lol: where do you get a "kitten in distress" call? Borrow the neighbor ladys cat.
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    Shotgun shells for coyotes

    Absolutely in CA.
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    Want to see where your tax money goes in LA?

    If you know of anyone who would print the story forward it to them by all means. I wonder how many tickets she has written for people double parking.
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    Want to see where your tax money goes in LA?

    To pay this woman to take a nap! I arrived at a Carl's Jr near the LA airport this morning at about a quarter to 6 to get some breakfast and await my wife's incoming flight. I got my breakfast and drove to the back of the lot where I was going to chow down and give my daughter her meal when I...
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    What ever happened to real "parents" ??

    I had to stand in line the other day with a kid behind me laying on the ground kicking and screaming because she couldn't have any candy. Her parents finally caved in to get her to shut up .... I wonder why she throws a fit like that?????
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    204 bullets

    I am surprised Switch or AugnMike haven't been all over this question yet.
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    What ever happened to real "parents" ??

    I made my annual trip to the local mall over the weekend. I go to the JC Penney's there in the mall to the Big and Tall section to buy my socks. I had picked up my new socks and a cool new John Deere t-shirt before wandering over to get in line to await my turn to check out. While I was...
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    looking for an opinion...

    Did you decide?
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    Note to myself:

    Very pretty cat. Good luck talking him out of the location.
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    Rimfire Tales

    Cottontail opens up July 1st - right? Correct. Limit is 5. dont they have worms that time of year?...or is that just ESS!? Just cook them really well.
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    Rimfire Tales

    My first rifle was a model 60 and it's had a bazillion rounds run through it. It is a lot of fun to play with.
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    * Predator Calling Expo *

    What info are you looking for?
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    Great pictures! See many dead coyotes on the way home?
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    Our very own QueenofthePink....

    So who won the fight the one with all the bruises or the one that got arrested?? That would depend on who you asked.