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    Utah Bow Elk and Deer hunt

    Guys are using real light weight merino wool. It helps with absorbing moisture, and it's a natural scent controller! Good luck on the hunt man!
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    Cabelas Instinct Breathables

    Just for you Justin! Come back up and learn a little more of "the language" would ya ;)
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    Cabelas Instinct Breathables
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    Cabelas Instinct Breathables

    Thinks are good Steve! I'll give you a call. I'm debating between testing the instincts, or going back to the dry plus breathables for $220. I know I can get 2-3 years out of them. :)
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    Cabelas Instinct Breathables

    Anybody tested these out? The $350 price tag was a little steep. I tried them on at Cabelas a few days ago. I didn't like the straps, and they were a little tight to get on. Once I got them on they were comfortable. I could squat without any problems, and the boots were comfortable. Has anybody...
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    Opening Day 2012

    Good mixed bag of cali ducks guys :smiley_10sign:
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    Whacked em before work today

    We've had nothing but hen after hen working the past week. Where are all the drakes? Perhaps they are sunning themselves in San Diego.
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    Whacked em before work today

    The glare is bad, but it was 2 honkers, 3 mallards, a sprig and a teal. I had them by 9:00 and then nothing was flying. There is a 3rd dead honker out there somewhere that I rocked hard. He didn't drop in the pond however.
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    The season is rolling now

    Glad I could assist. We have wind blowing like crazy right now. Yesterday it rained hard. Tomorrow morning is calling my name gentlemen. Looking forward to YOUR pictures too.
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    The season is rolling now

    Season was off to a slower than usual start but has been picking up. Here are a few pictures of different hunts. This past weekend was a California shoot if I've ever seen one. I haven't had a shoot like this in Montana ever. It was a teal, widgeon, gadwall, sprig and spoony kind of day. No...
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    A Few Birds Before Work

    Our season opened on Saturday in Montana and bird numbers are down from years past. Between Saturday and Monday I was able to scratch out 5 honkers 5 mallards and a sprig. Normally the numbers are a lot better. Temps were still in the 80's on Monday when I went out for the afternoon. Yesterday...
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    Mendota Duck Bike

    Used a bike for years on the Grizz!
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    Justducky in Missoula

    I met up with Justin last night @ Hooters for some wings and ambiance. It was great to see you Justin. its been several years since the wister work parties at Randy's house. Thanks for getting in touch and getting me caught up. Get to know this guy!
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    Just tried to send you a pm steve but your box is full...we need to catch up but didn't know if you were still up :)