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    Are you one of the guys in the video? My son is a sophmore at UW and is always looking for a...

    Are you one of the guys in the video? My son is a sophmore at UW and is always looking for a hunting buddy.
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    Hello from Laramie, WY!

    Welcome to the site.
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    Doyers Fans

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    Opening day

    Our annual trip to Yuma was a success. The four of us enjoyed the 109 degree weather while putting LEAD down range. Being with my 17 year old getting his first official 15 bird limit was priceless!
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    Training Birds..

    Prado claims dead is ok..
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    Training Birds..

    Anybody know where I can purchase Chukar or Pheasants for dog training? Prado no longer is selling Pigeons so I figure might as well start on the real thing.
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    Hunter Safety Course

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    Hunter Safety Course

    Anybody know when and where a hunter safety course may be offered in So Cal? Buddy looking to get one done before dove season.
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    New Cabelas Ice Chest Cart

    pics please
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    How many long guns can you buy in a day?

    As many as you want. Only one new handgun every thirty days.
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    Spring Cleaning

    Forgot Picture
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    Spring Cleaning

    Need to thin out my supply of toys. Mossberg Patriot 270 with a fluted barrel and Kryptek Camo stock.Bought as a back up with maybe one box of shells thru it. It is topped with a Leupold VX1 scope . $425 . Located in OC
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    Looking for a small 15 to 20 foot travel travel for my new Ducker Home. Anybody got one or knows of anyone selling one would be appreciated. Not looking to dump alot of money into one, just one to drag down to the club by the Sea and leave it for the season.
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    The end of an era

    Just south of the sea..
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    Put in everyday at two different refuges and not one res all year. The reservation system sucks!