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    Hug your kids.

    Praying that the Lord surround you, your family and friends with His love !!!
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    Passing of John Waters

    Received a call yesterday evening regarding the passing of John Waters. John was a regular at Wister for many years; as well as a fisherman on many boats from San Diego to LA. John served as a CAL DFG Volunteer, a Penn Rep; a Pro Staffer for AA Lures, and member of the Compton Rod & Gun Club...
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    Robert Dean Reither

    Thanks duck boy, I appreciate your kind comments! But my wife would say this world couldn’t handle another guy like me !! Lol !! Cool thing about this is that Robert had duck bands on his call lanyard that he said were irreplaceable. Good ending !!
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    Robert Dean Reither

    Found em ! Glad to be able to return his stuff !
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    Robert Dean Reither

    If you are the above person or you know this guy send me a message. I found stuff of his at Wister Saturday evening. Thanks !!!
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    Wister Getting Pit Blinds!

    Was there last Saturday the 10th as Andrew was getting ready to clean up the dirt around the pits, while Lane was finishing seeding 2 & 4. Wish they would have turned the pits 90 degrees to avoid the sun being in your face in the mid day to sunset, and I hope once they put water to the field the...
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    Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT

    Pretty crazy !! I think the barking, growling, and hissing was what kept this cat on his trail. IMO she knew he was something other than prey or other forest creature but with his actions/ sounds confused her, hence her false charges. Matt, one of my first thoughts was “Pick up one of those...
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    Pheasant opener 2020

    It’s true Pheasant are planted in areas around Wister Wildlife Refuge. There is a map from the DFG that shows specific areas where they plant. Personally I won’t hunt the opener; too many DHWW for me !!
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    Wister Dove Hunting

    HCPHARM, you don't need Type A pass to hunt Wister. But you do have to sign in at the "Refuge Check In" kiosk near the Check Station. The kiosk is located on Davis Rd just past the Check Station parking lot on the left hand side of the road. You need to sign in all people with you; I think you...
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    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    And here I thought I was your favorite hunting partner Matt !! Lol !! Just trying to make ya smile !!! Great words about your Pops, sorry I wasn’t able to meet him ; would have told him what a loser you are !! Lol !! Sounds like a good man !!!! Julie and I are continuing to pray for you and your...
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    Aw come on ! No puppy pics, everybody loves puppy pics !! Lol !!
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    “Hunt Masters”... another POS.

    Ok, so if Mr Ritz is guilty, and it sounds like he is; then come what may to him !! My other problem is with C11 & C12 !! Sounds to me they were complicit in this illegal act ??? Where or what is their penalty ?? They are grown men !! Why didn’t they stand up and stop this !! And don’t give me...
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    Car Show

    February 22nd is the 9th Annual Car Show at my church in Whittier. There will be 350+ cars on display. You can see details at Whittier Area Car Show. com. It starts at 9am, I would recommend coming early due to parking can be a drag. There will be Gourmet Food Trucks, Music, stuff for the...
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    Hunted Wister Saturday and Sunday. The best and worst opener in my 48 years of hunting Wister. One of the best, having my nephew with me for his first Duck hunt. He smashed the first Duck that came in Saturday morning. Even as bad as it was he is ready to go again. He gets it, the whole...
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    Felt like 237 years!! For 25 years or so I hunted Mendota on the opener. Always got ressies !! Guess I used up all my luck years ago !!