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    Just a quick question...

    Hey Mapman, have you been my friend? Thanks for the pictures. Hard to believe they were that young back then only seems like a couple years ago. Trevor owns a company in the computer industry. He's developing websites and spends most of his time writing code. I'm trying to get him out of the...
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    What happened to the "Honey Hole" section?

    I've been good Skeet, how about you? It's been a while my friend
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    What happened to the "Honey Hole" section?

    She must have caught him in the act... LOL I bet his favorite Little Raskle is Spanky. LOL
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    What happened to the "Honey Hole" section?

    Come on man! That was an important section with a lot of helpful info and pictures. :p Howdy TOF'ers, just thought I would drop in and see what was up.
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    Merry Christmas

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    Just a quick question...

    Been loving the mountain life. Gold prospecting in the summer and I was hunting pretty hard until they made D14 a "premium" tag. Lots of mountain quail opportunities and the fishing was great this year.
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    Just a quick question...

    Is this the same Outdoors forum, or did I stumble on something similar? If so, Howdy all! Been a while.
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    D zone buck

    Nice work Barry!
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    Very bad news

    So sorry to hear this. My condolences and prayers.
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    Vegas shooting

    So Sad! RIP Brian!
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    Gotta be a record forky

    I'd stick it... Been bow hunting damn near every day and if I can hang a ring on the fork, it's going to hang on my gambrel.
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    Riverside Planning Commission Hearing for San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Future – One More Chance Comin

    There's usually a fat bribe to politicians when it comes to profits. There would have to be a huge amount of opposition to make the crooked politician(s) let this spif go.
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    Petition to Protect San Jacinto

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    AO tag filled

    Nice work!
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    Living in Fawnskin

    Good to see you online Duke! As for the deer, I've seen a lot of deer all over the valley, but I'm always looking for them.