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    Mr. Big jr.

    Looks good!
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    Mr. T

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    Pine smoked blacktail

    Better to smoke em early than not at all. Congrats!
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    2020 Black Bear

    Great story and congrats! Wish I had some good advise about the blood trail. It would be interesting to know if the bears are at the same trees next year.
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    What a mule!!!

    That's a great buck all around. Big congrats!
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    Man, I LOVE Arizona

    Great looking animals. Congrats!
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    Pine nuts are irresistible, apparently

    That's pretty cool! I had no idea they would do that.
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    Results are up

    My season is riding on an A31 tag. I'm determined though...
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    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    Enjoy the memories chessie. May he RIP.
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    The "New" way to pretend with the Endangered Species Act

    The ESA is BS now because the process to delist a species isn't being followed as written. States follow the rules and then judges override based on their own beliefs rather than follow the law.
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    Jicarilla guides

    Lot's of elk meat. Congrats! How was the pack out?
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    More gun control proposed.

    Just wondering... If I buy outdoor equipment out of state, does that keep Pittman-Robertson money out of California's hands or just sales tax money or what?
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    First coues

    Now that's exciting! Big congrats! You're already hooked. I look forward to hunting coues every year.
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    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Thanks all. Just got back from Arizona trying to get the bowhunting mojo back. The rut is started where I'm hunting, but not full on yet.
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    Be aware of Skimmers!

    Thanks for that. I'll be on the lookout.