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    NM drawn for 2020

    I don't know the unit, but, never a bad idea to get up there and get a feel for the land.
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    I'm interested in taking up hunting again after many years but...

    Jeezus Christ!! You are way overthinking it. If you want to go hunting, get your shyt together and do it. Nobody is stopping you but yourself.
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    Awesome work guys
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    “Hunt Masters”... another POS.

    What is wrong with these people?
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    Found this interesting

    Looks like the dog would be willing to finish cleaning up the bones for you. I steamed the horns on a Barbary ram we killed one time to slip them off. Once off there was a bullet lodged in the horn. That was pretty cool. Have found broad heads, old bullets etc in various places on elk and...
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    its that time of year

    Whatever the tag Gods decide to bestow on me. Maybe buy a tag in NM if I dont draw, and through hook or crook hunt CO ML somewhere. Its a fun backpack hunt before it gets to cold
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    First coues

    Very cool. With a bow no less. wow
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    The Passing of a Legend

    I spoke to him on the phone a long time ago in regards to desert mule deer. We was helpful and polite. I heard many good things about him.
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    Slammed one..

    the horns on that Audad are really dark. Pretty unique
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    Desert Bighorn Hunt

    Congratulations. That is awesome. I may never get a sheep tag, happy for you.
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    Slammed one..

    Beautiful buck. TX stud.
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    Last day coues for #1..

    that is one helluva shot. Damn!!
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    Uggh...we did it..

    Probably dig a hole in the side of your house. I hate puppies.
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    GPS units

    Best case scenario is to use it in Airplane mode especially if in an area with bad service and constantly searching. Very easy to down load maps. Quick and large good quality maps. Then you can use it offline and reduces battery usage. I also like the tracking feature which uses power as...
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    Good year Ed!!