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    nada tostada for me
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    Got my Mallard mount back!

    Oh snap haven't heard that name in awhile
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    Turners in Sacramento

    Turners is lame haven’t set foot in one for 5+ years
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    SOLD****Remington 870 Express 20 Gauge Youth Shotgun For Sale****SOLD Just buy it already
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    19,000 homes approved to be built at Tejon Ranch

    well at least they have enough water to support all those new homes and landscaping.
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    Bandtailed Pigeon Hunting

    So I guess hunting Bandtail Pigeon is popular? I did not think I would be hiking into the woods this morning with a shotgun but I did. The mountain was loaded with people this morning and there were about 30 cars parked near the campground we hunted out of. I don’t know where everyone went but...
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    Neighbor doesn't like my Lab

    Maybe a game cam to see if he is messing with your dog.
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    Where to camp

    Sorry I guess should have stated this isn't winter adventure we already have some trips planned but my kids spring break is toward the end of April that's why I was thinking the west side. I like the idea of Huntington lake I've been to Toll house for a fire a couple years back and enjoyed it.
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    Where to camp

    Looking for a fun camping adventure with the family. Looking for something where I can maybe go fishing or something fun. My wife has a bad knee so we dont hike much. I would love to find somewhere fun in the western Sierras where I dont have to drive much to get decent fishing. Let me know if...
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    AZ 3A3C

    We threw in the towel it sucks but oh well I’ve never hunted so hard. I had a blast time spent in elk country is time well spent. I found some great glassing spots hit me up if you ever need them.
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    AZ 3A3C

    Found the most amazing glassing spot could glass in 360 degrees and had great country everywhere and could not turn up one bull but I wish I had a deer tag found a coulpe nice bucks. Hit the north side of the highway this afternoon and found some more amazing looking areas and couldn’t turn up a...
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    AZ 3A3C

    Paul I would 99% of the time agree look for water but apparently the fish and game have given the wild horses priority and there is a full tank along the 300 road about every half mile the short and long of it is there is water everywhere
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    AZ 3A3C

    Thanks ED it’s rough you know they are deep but they are in the deep draws that aren’t glassable and if you walk in there you blow them out and they aren’t coming out having lunch now at Buffalo Bills now and I highly suggest it if your in the area. Heading to the south side of the highway after...
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    AZ 3A3C

    I’ve been told that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Then I’m definitely going insane this week we’ve been out every day hitting the hills hard find a road then find a ridge glass and repeat go back to the best looking areas in the...
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    AZ 3A3C

    Today, 07:04 PM Hey homies anyone got any intel on 3A3C been here for a couple days now having a blast turned up a nice bull scouting but he disappeared after the snow and opening day hit. I showed up helping some buddies with my glass and pack and we need a little help. Been hammering this unit...