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    12. Yr old 1st hunt

    Awesome! Any pics of her prize? Good go see Bryan.
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    Dove report

    Be safe Skeet & thanks for fighting them. That's definitely more important than shooting some doves.
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    Dove report

    Way to go guys! I got out yesterday despite the temps. Actually didn't feel as bad as I expected. Heck, its just as hot west if the mountains. Should have stayed & huntoday. day. Got a limit plus 6 euros.
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    Boys whacked a few..

    I bet you didn't even get a bite of that backstrap either. Probably just an appetizer for those boys.
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    If Wister cancels sweatline for 2020-2021 what will you do?

    One way or another, they will need the names of everyone hunting on each blind site. The cards they use for blinds chosen with a reservation & those from the sweatline are the same. They are touched by staff & by everyone who writes their names on the cards. There is zero reason to eliminate the...
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    Results are up

    D16 as usual. Sporks beware!
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    Saw something cool on the trail today.

    Which one of you flinched & headed a different direction?
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    Happy Memorial weekend

    Amen to that!
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    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    Matt, I have a feeling you will have some special days this coming season. I know I did when my Grandpa passed away. A flood of memories & hopefully some special moments that can only be explained as a note from your Dad that he's watching over you. May God comfort you & your family.
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    My yougest daughter gets her first turkey

    Nice! Congrats.
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    2020 Big Game Digest

    My understanding is that is was done on a trial basis and the trial duration was over. Cool for kids that were in the bubble but not for those like Skeet's daughter. With draw odds like they are for apprentice hunts, it sucks they only have 4 years to hopefully get drawn for one of them.
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    Shot some birds

    Can't think of a better use of time while not working. You just inspired me to pull out some I have in the freezer. Dove poppers can make any anti hunter see the light. Only thing I do different is mix some other shredded hard cheeses in with the cream cheese. I like Dubliner's Irish cheese &...
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    NZ 2019

    Nothing short of amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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    Chestnut Bellied Sandgrouse

    Wow! Beautiful birds & mount.
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    I did it... RETIRED!!!

    Wow Mike! Glad to hear she's on the mend. Praying for her now.