I started hunting in 1970, at the age of 10 with my father and at the age of 12 got my first shotgun, an 870 pump 20 guage. We hunted Wister and the Walker Duck Club in San Jacinto (Donnie Walker was my dad's cousin). Over the early years, we made a few Kern, Mendota and Los Banos trips. I took my dad on his last Duck Hunt, to Wister, around 1998. He contracted Alzheimers and could no longer hunt after that. I moved to Colorado in 1999 and stopped waterfowl hunting. Then I moved back to So Cal in 2010 and started taking my son, Matthew, hunting. While not obsessed, we enjoy a few days each season out in the field. I guess that makes us somewhere between a DHWW and a Dedicated/Obsessed Waterfowler. We have hunted with a few folks on TOF, Slinky_70, Wister.Goose.Killer, Mud Pigeon, Goose Busters, SaltonSeaDog, and others, and had a great time every time. Sometimes never firing a shot and sometime limiting before 8 AM. I am always up to making new friends and finding new places to hunt. With six grown children, life is always busy, even though I am retired. Hope all of you have a great season, every year!
Aug 9, 1960 (Age: 62)
Orange County, CA




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