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    Mr. Forky

    Good job on the buck. Congrats.
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    Tagged out

    Boom. Congrats on your buck Skeet.
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    D7 3x3

    Great D7 buck. Congratulations
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    Colorado results

    Pumped up after getting the Colorado draw results. Son and I will be heading up in October trying to make our luck in some pretty good country. Yes! — It used to be so easy pulling into Grand Junction, picking up a license and mule deer tag...
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    Anybody here use a PLB?

    Just to be completely fair on this subject I’m really pretty old-school on most equipment and latest gear questions. Most of the stuff I use I’ve had for years. The main safety factor is still knowing what you’re doing out in the backcountry and staying out of trouble that way. ——Like most...
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    Anybody here use a PLB?

    Sorry for the repeated posts.
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    Anybody here use a PLB?

    Great comments by everyone. Glad you’re Ok DKScott and TheGDog. Packing some strong pain meds and First aid is great advice. We’ve all had some close calls when we’re doing our crazy sh.. but these GPS capabilities are a huge help. Totally agree on the challenges of difficult schedules...
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    Anybody here use a PLB?

    I’ve used the Spot PLB for several years. During mainly solo hunting it has provided some serious peace of mind for the family who know the type of unpredictable locations I often end up going to. My scouting trips or typical backpack hunting trips don’t normally stick to a preset path. That’s...
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    Welcome to The Outdoors Forum

    Hi all, glad to be in with a great bunch here. All the familiar names from that other site that always left me scratching my head (the site, not the hunters). Never got around to posting. Still out there after that damn elusive California bomber buck, so hard for me to come by after all this...
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    Where do you hunt Muleys?

    X12, when it finally comes around again, D13 and now D16. Did some good boot homework for 1st time in D16, chasing spikes and does. Next year. Been backpack hunting since early days, mostly solo due to work schedule, way back in behind locked gates...