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    Something I found on FaceBook

    Fake news.
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    Fresh tuna

    Great trip! How did you like the boat?
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    Nevada Lope

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    Studly D-16 Buck Down

    Awesome! Congrats to you both and thanks for sharing.
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    The old mans 270

    Awesome! Congratulations!
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    Follow Up Interview with Double Grizzly Attack survivor Todd Orr
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    Loud mouth got it!!

    Definately a yard bird. Congrats.
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    Hunter mistakes another hunter for turkey

    The victims, identified as Gary Dienst and Justin Miles, had been hiding behind preserved turkey tail fans, meant to act as a decoy to other birds, the Wichata Eagle reported. They were calling to each other and sneaking up on each other like two Toms coming at each other "Bussone told the...
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    Wanna see a crappy Turkey video clip?

    Just so you guys know, I am not "worked up" about this subject. I'm just trying to give you a heads up about letting the birds come back a little after the 6 years of very little hatches. I helped plant and establish birds in Santa Maria, Helped trap birds in San Diego, and help plant birds in...
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    Wanna see a crappy Turkey video clip?

    If it is turkey number 2 why are you shooting a jake? Must be for the meat. Having trouble finding a longbeard? That's cause someone shot the jake last year that would have been the longbeard this year. Oh well I guess as long as it is legal.
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    April Fool's Day Turkey

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    NWTF Spring Turkey Tune-Up 2017

    Thanks for the event. Fun was had by all. And thanks for all you do Steve.
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    My baby girl doing her thing

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    You ever get a bubble in your eye? Can be dangerous.
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    Best place to buy camper shell

    Thank You for the info.