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    My bull from yesterday

    Way to rep Paul!
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    Im a grandpa

    Holy crap mike, I think becoming a grandpa even made you a better speller!
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    Final week where will you be

    With my kids
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    Okay, so I'm just going to brag a little bit

    I’ll be their substitute on days teaching of the Quran. I’ve got a good PowerPoint, and stories...
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    Vandenberg launch

    Maybe next year
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    Biscuits.... Simple but good!!

    Stew time now!
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    Neighbor doesn't like my Lab

    My neighbor was the same way. When he’d get in his trash cans my dog would think he’s banging the fence and coming into our yard. I have three young boys my dog loved. I heard my neighbor yelling at him one day. One day I had a nasty letter from them saying he barks all the time we aren’t there...
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    3 COUES FOR 3 BOYS!!

    Throat punching at its finest!
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    10/20/18 Where will you be?

    On a plane
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    Dog kennels and house for sale

    It was back in January, coping with a nonexistent duck season at this point.
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    Dog kennels and house for sale

    Had large Labrador, he died and I don’t want another dog right now. I want to get rid of stuff. Largest kennel made: Camo insulated kennel cover goes with larger kennel sold together. 38L x 27W x 30H roomy for your dog. $100 36L x 24W x 27H - more airline compliant and vehicle friendly...
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    Koufax the warrior...

    Know the feeling, I lost Cooper earlier this year. Take care bro see you up there sometime.
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    NE or OK Whitetails

    Unlimited whitetail doe tags in areas 24 and 26 Wyoming. Get your Sandhills buck in NE, then fill the freezer in Wyoming!
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    Flags Of Valor

    I like that!
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    I cannot believe...

    Dylan, you are an inspiration and my hero!