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    Six pack fishing

    Some nice slugs there!
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    2022 Deer Hunt Draws

    A22/AO Didn't get my G3, don't know why.
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    Six pack fishing

    Where did you get the squid?
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    Sorry for the downtime!

    Auto-renew on the hosting credit card. I didn't know my card has been stolen and when it went through it was denied. I just didn't check the hosting emails until it was too late. We are GTG for another year at least... I have to chase the stolen credit card now.
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    What happened to the "Honey Hole" section?

    Save the link.. Can't be found from forum list. Enjoy.
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    What are you waiting for?

    As soon as we reduce the sections down again the old populace will complain lol.
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    Used Snow goose decoy package for sale

    Ever wanted to be one of the snow goose hunting geeks? Here is your chance at putting enough white on the ground or water that you might get a goose close enough to bust out of the sky. This is sold as a package deal for $420 AS-IS. 23 Used Snow Goose Floater Decoys. Condition decent/floating...
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    USFW Cancels Waterfowl Population Survey for Second Year

    Lazy asses. Who’s pocketing the money that the program has carved out for each year? 1 pintail bullshit. My club is corroded with them.
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    AB 1223

    Done. Is Safari Club a good one to support? I've only been supporting Upland and Waterfowl organizations.
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    Mr. T

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    Poachers caught in CA

    GPS tracker in your license is next. Could double dip and use our COVID trackers too.
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