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    Christmas Eve Central TX

    Got out for a couple hours Christmas Eve. Only had 3 opportunities and made the best of them. Felt blessed to see the sunrise and take moment to remember the true meaning of Christmas before heading home to the feastivities. Had some guys fishing anchor a couple hundred yards down the shoreline...
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    Latest hunts from N. Texas....

    Nice work! It's been tough down south of you as well. Got a few last time out. Had chances at several beloved shovelers, but couldn't connect. Low water level is making the walk-in hunting a bit tricky...lots of mud and very little cover. With the warm weather yesterday, I opted for...
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    Opening day!!

    Aquilla. It was a bit intimidating walking into a spot I'd never seen before, but definately exciting to kind of chose your own adventure.
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    Opening day!!

    Hunted about 2.5 hours south of hawg382 on the opener. With about 50 lbs of gear on my back, I set off from the parking lot in the dark and fog after deciding on a spot I'd only seen on Google Earth. My goal was to find a creek, follow it to the lake, and hopefully find a spot with decent...