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    Backpack Hunting in the Sierras

    I think its pronounced "cult-fit".
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    California Department of Fish and Wildlife Deer Management Survey

    I was told a gentleman at DFG that once this random survey has been completed they will be sending another out to those that were not selected for the first one. And harvest report cards will be mandatory next year!
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    California Department of Fish and Wildlife Deer Management Survey

    No chit! Definitely one of the major issues. As well as Roy's comment about "2nd tags and issuing far too many tags compared to the resource available." What about making harvest report cards mandatory so they actually have a clue as to how many deer are being killed in each zone? Obviously...
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    I hate tents!!!!!

    You guys and your bear canisters... soooo cute.
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    Mono county openers

    Nice work T! Now fill that lion tag. :smiley-wnk-yellow:
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    Good stuff guys! That site has always been pure entertainment. Had fun while it lasted. Oh man! That guy was one of a kind. MAP, pretty sure that was an acronym that stood for something his mother should have taken.
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    Eastern Sierra closures

    Good question. I'm sure they're aware. If I were a super trooper and caught them doing it, I'd love to grab them by the hair and rub their noses in it. Bucknut: You got a point... it is fun!
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    Eastern Sierra closures

    I'm starting a new group if anyone wants to join... FIMCK ( that's Friends of the Inyo/Mono County Killers) It's definitely getting worse every year around here. If they can illegally take matters into their own hands, then so can we. I think we need to start broadening the use of our vehicle...
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    Took the Bait

    Rape whistles come in very handy T... especially in LA Jolla.
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    Took the Bait

    Looks interesting enough T. I wouldn't mind fondling it myself. I may have taken the bait too if I didn't have half a dozen packs in the garage already. That reminds me... I missed my PA meeting this week. Crap.
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    Zach's CO buck

    Nice work guys! Great buck for Z indeed. Gorgeous cape on that guy. I can't wait to go back to CO.
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    Stone Glacier

    I bought the Solo last year. Like BigWave stated, very well made and Kurt was very helpful. The only thing I didn't care for was the lack of pockets on the Solo. They do offer an optic pocket accessory that buckles on the back of the pack. However, I wanted a modification. Luckily I have a buddy...
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    I hate deer hunting in Ca.

    Hey, imateamgroper. Got some boots for sale over in the buy/sell/trade forum. Your purchase could be the first step towards killing a non-forky in Kali. No 'strings' attached...
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    Kenetrek Hardscrabbles

    Why would you need that? Ha. Had it in there. Must have deleted it when editing. Size: 11 1/2, Width: Medium(regular)