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    Bluegill fishing

    Looking delicious!
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    The Passing of a Legend

    That's great to hear. I was concerned with Leon's passing. A truly great man with a selfless outlook, and a great legacy he has left
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    Sportmen's Catering Service

    Damn that's hard to imagine. 42 years for me personally buying from that trailer. Somebody's got to be a willing entrepreneur out there
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    Your a good man for providing your nephew the opportunity to experience his first duck hunt. It surely is something he will never forget. Well done
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    D zone buck

    Well done. Nice buck
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    Road Trip....

    Its true.Just got back from there. Be returning soon for the entire season. And hunter friendly too. No lead restrictions. Love Arizona
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    25 Days and nothin !!

    Things are sure not what they were years back on this site
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    CWA Wister Clean Up Day tomorrow Saturday 30th

    I guess I don't get it. What does it accomplish keeping a public refuge after season cleanup all hush hush among the "elite few". Kinda childish.
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    new girl in the field

    That is awesome. Well done.
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    CWA Wister Clean Up Day tomorrow Saturday 30th

    I guess I missed the notice too
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    Where are the Junior hunt reports?

    Great job Hunter. I see myself forty years sgo when i look at these pics, and i still love every second in the blind . Time really does fly by.Enjoy every second young man .Well done
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    Niland Cherry Toe Again

    That pic is wild. Shows how brutal Wister really is.
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    Deer and chickens

    Thats what this whole huntin thing is all about. Great work all around
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    We certainly don't want any of the tweekers in slab city bothered by the wister mosquitoes
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    How long before you Process Your Rabbits?

    Great way to start off a new season!