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    Just because it’s been soooo long...

    Love this lots..
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    Remington Auctioned Off to Seven Bidders in Bankruptcy Court

    Hope China does not buy it...What a shame....and trust me..i get the three headed monster thing.
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    More BackCountry Good Times!

    Atta boy!! Keepin TOF alive!! Pics and all!! Great buck dude!
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    Member Desertwings

    Gods speed ! Sorry to hear this also.
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    Rocky Clan Blacktail.

    My kinda buck!! Congrats to gramps!! Love the 30 30!
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    Forests Closed - FYI

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    Pine smoked blacktail

    My kinda buck proud..dont know many folks that kill deer consistently...nice job
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    Man, I LOVE Arizona

    oh yes...good job dude..AZ is pretty cool.
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    What a mule!!!

    Dude..nice!!:way above average!!!
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    Awesome!!!! Living it!!!
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    It’s almost elk time..

    Get some!!!
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    Giant down...sweet jesus..

    nahh.. Boy can't afford it..he is putting him the wall of fame of the hardest trophys to aquire for sure...a genuine slob of and stalk..that boy is my favorite..prolly change in nov as boy #1 has a bull tag..then change again as boy#2 has a mulebuck tag in December...but...
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    Giant down...sweet jesus..

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    Boys whacked a few..

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    Boys whacked a few..

    With 3 19 year old kockblockers behind the trigger...i,ll never get a crack at a large mammal again...they put me out to pasture a few years back...i just stand there these days..staring and drooling..