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    Tom Philipps*

    Very Exciting News... If we get $85 today, another guy will kick in $100 to get to the $500 goal! So any amount will help! But there's more... Two others are waiting for the fund to hit the $500 mark and then they will donate $500 each to Triple the fund to $1,500!!! This is enough to save...
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    Tom Philipps*

    $185 to go to reach the goal.
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    Tom Philipps*

    Hey guys, we need your help. AQ set up a fund to conserve in perpetuity a prairie pothole complex in Canada in Tom's name. We have over $200 to go to get to the $500 mark to do this. Please help with what you can, be it $10 or 25 or 50 or whatever amount. AQ takes Paypal so you send it...
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    No Canada!

    I hear you. At least they had legitemate reasons of why to back out. About 10 years ago I had 3 "comitted" guys 3 months ahead of time to head up to MB together. 1 backs out 6 weeks prior, one 4 weeks prior and the last guy 2 weeks prior. None had legit excuses, it was the "I am short of $...
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    Caption this!!!~

    "why baiting was outlawed'
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    Tom Philipps*

    I have some sad news to relay, Tom passed last week from cancer. He is from the Bay area, so perhaps some of you here may know him being so many here reside in California. Or some of you may know him from some of the bigger waterfowl sites on years past for his conservation essays, etc.. He...
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    So how well do you REALLY think that you know your ducks?

    Take this quiz: BTW, I got a 91.
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    Possibly the best waterfowlers headlight ever

    OK--so am I the only one confused? OTM--please post an on line link to the one that you said works best for you.
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    If you have the option in seeing it in 3D, please do so.
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    I heard talkies are coming his way....
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    Possibly the best waterfowlers headlight ever

    Pretty hard for us to buy one if we don't have a name and model #.... just saying. :smiley-wnk-yellow:
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    I saw it last night in 3d Imax with the best sound system I have ever experienced in a theater.. Definately a big screen movie to watch VS at home. Yeah a 7 oh 10 is a fair rating. The screen writer could have done a better job with vharacter developement and some of the lines. As for...
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    HEEEEELLLLOOOOOO........anyone home?

    BTW, so what did happen to that thread (waterfowl possession)?
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    On the previous page were some photos of days gone by. It reminded me of back when I only had a 2.75" gun and shot 5 shot lead and killed to so many ducks. Things seemed so much simpler back then and limits were the norm...
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    Duck Dynasty - A & E Channel Starts Tonight

    Any of you still watching it? I love Phil's advice on women. Jase, well... i could easily be around him, I like his humor. Ol' Si, plain common sense most of time. As for Korey, Oh my Lord... How did she ever get hooked up with Willie? I guess there is hope for us rednecks after all. BTW...