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    Victor V3 animal traps

    good info fish I wasn't planning on hunting with them, more like to see how one works
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    Victor V3 animal traps

    I found a pair of Victor old school animal traps and was wondering if anyone has any info on setting up one of those traps without loosing a finger :smiley-w00t:
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    Another IV Pheasant hunt

    Way to go Dave!
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    Hats off on that limit :smiley-rock:
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    SOLD****Brand new Deer cart****SOLD

    Matt, it's yours! Say what Saturday and I'll bring it down with me. Let's talk
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    pheasant opener

    Who's gonna be in the IV?
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    SOLD****Brand new Deer cart****SOLD

    Brand new in box, folds for easy storage $20
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    Upland Opener

    Sorry for the later reply fellows. I ended up going solo chasing chukar with no luck, gonna save my gas and shells for pheasant season
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    Upland Opener

    Been some time since I posted on my second home TOF. Work has got me by the neck, chained to my desk and had no time to scout or even look and plan which direction to go this opener. I understand that #'s are not up yet but I was able to free myself from work for the opener. With that being...
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    MNP Youth Quail hunt.

    Where abouts?
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    Meet Wyatt...

    Good lookin pup
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    1/3 is up

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    Wister 1/3

    Great way to start the new year! Haven't drawn all season till Jan 3 #10 :smiley-rock: :smiley-rock: :smiley-rock:
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    Merry Christmas Everybody!

    Merry Christmas
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    What do you do for a living?

    Mortgage Banker